What was the purpose of STS 127?

What was the purpose of STS 127?

It was the twenty-third flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour. The primary purpose of the STS-127 mission was to deliver and install the final two components of the Japanese Experiment Module: the Exposed Facility (JEM EF), and the Exposed Section of the Experiment Logistics Module (ELM-ES).

How long did STS 7 last?

The shuttle launched from Kennedy Space Center on June 18, 1983, and landed at Edwards Air Force Base on June 24, 1983. STS-7 carried Sally Ride, America’s first female astronaut….STS-7.

COSPAR ID 1983-059A
SATCAT no. 14132
Mission duration 6 days, 2 hours, 23 minutes, 59 seconds (achieved)
Spacecraft properties

What did STS 115 do?

STS-115 was a Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by Space Shuttle Atlantis. It was the first assembly mission to the ISS after the Columbia disaster, following the two successful Return to Flight missions, STS-114 and STS-121.

What did Julie Payette do on STS-127?

Payette was the first Canadian to participate in an ISS assembly mission and to board the Space Station. From July 15 to 31, 2009 , Julie Payette served as the flight engineer on the crew of STS -127 aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour on the 29th Shuttle mission to the ISS .

When did STS 7 launch?

June 18, 1983STS-7 / Fly date

What does STS stand for NASA?

Space Transportation System
The β€œSTS” in STS-41B still stood for Space Transportation System, as it always had, but the numbers took on new meaning. The first number, in this case β€œ4”, represented the fiscal year in which the Shuttle launched; in this case, 1984.

What went wrong with STS-107?

The source of the failure was determined to have been caused by a piece of foam that broke off during launch and damaged the thermal protection system (reinforced carbon-carbon panels and thermal protection tiles) on the leading edge of the orbiter’s left wing.

Who is the most experienced astronaut?

Peggy Whitson
Peggy Whitson, America’s most experienced astronaut, and veteran GT3-class race car driver John Shoffner, a long-time pilot, will anchor a four-person crew launching to the International Space Station aboard Axiom Space’s second commercial trip to orbit, the company announced Tuesday.

What did STS-7 do?

Among its notable accomplishments, this was the first Shuttle carrying a woman U.S. astronaut, Sally Ride. STS-7 also launched two international satellites, ANIK-B and Palapa-B1, for Canada and Indonesia, respectively, and this was the second flight of the Challenger Space Shuttle orbiter.

What was the purpose of STS 41 g?

Space Shuttle program STS-41-G was the third shuttle mission to carry an IMAX camera on board to document the flight. Launch and in-orbit footage from the mission (including Sullivan and Leestma’s EVA) appeared in the 1985 IMAX movie The Dream is Alive.

What happened to STS-127 launch?

Due to a Return To Launch Site (RTLS) weather violation, NASA scrubbed the launch for the fourth time on the evening of 12 July 2009. STS-127’s fifth launch attempt, on 13 July 2009, was also scrubbed due to anvil clouds and lightning within 10 nautical miles (19 km) of the launch site, which violated launch safety rules.

Who commanded the Shuttle Endeavour for STS-127?

Mark L. Polansky commanded the shuttle Endeavour for STS-127. Douglas G. Hurley served as the pilot. Mission specialists were Christopher J. Cassidy, Thomas H. Marshburn, David A. Wolf and Julie Payette, a Canadian Space Agency astronaut.

What was included in the STS-127 Official Flight Kit?

The STS-127 Official Flight Kit (OFK) included water samples from each of the five Great Lakes, a resin statue of a water droplet for the One Drop Foundation, and a copy of Beethoven ‘s Fifth Symphony for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, among other mementos.

How many days did it take to land on Endeavour?

After a 16-day mission, Endeavour landed successfully at Kennedy Space Center at 10:48 EDT on 31 July 2009. The landing had to be undertaken before 1 August, due to CO