What type of fracture is Colles Smith fracture?

What type of fracture is Colles Smith fracture?

A Smith’s fracture is a volar displacement fracture where the fragment of the radius that has broken off projects towards the palm side of the hand, while a Colles fracture results in dorsal displacement, causing the bone fragment to bend towards the back of the hand.

How is a Smiths fracture treated?

Treatment of a non-displaced and a stable Smith’s fracture is by closed reduction and splint or cast. The reduction is carried out by reversing fracture deformity with longitudinal traction and applying a long arm cast with the forearm in supination and wrist in neutral or a degree of extension.

Does a Smith fracture hurt?

The symptoms of a smith fracture are similar to other types of fractures. There is usually immediate pain, tenderness, bruising, and swelling. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the wrist may hang in an odd or bent way.

How common is Smith fracture?

But smith fractures are actually rather rare. They account for less than three percent of all fractures of the radius. They are most often seen in either young males or elderly females.

What is Cooley’s fracture?

A Colles fracture is a type of broken wrist (fracture). It’s also called a distal (away from the center of the body) fracture with dorsal angulation (an upward angle). A Colles fracture is a very painful and serious injury. Go to your nearest emergency department if you suspect you have any type of wrist fracture.

How long does a Smith’s fracture take to heal?

You can start physical therapy a few days to a few weeks after surgery to improve these symptoms. In the long term, full recovery usually takes about a year. You can probably expect pain and stiffness, especially with vigorous exercise, in the two years after your injury.

Which medicine is best for bone fracture?

Anabolic medication such as teriparatide, a synthetic form of a parathyroid hormone, increases the rate of bone formation and can help acute fractures and nonunion fractures to heal. It may speed healing by increasing the concentration of calcium in the blood and stimulating bones to grow new tissue.

Is Egg good for bone healing?

The presence of vitamin D in eggs help the bones stay strong. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and maintains optimum bone health. Eggs therefore play an important role in preventing osteoporosis. The protein content of eggs is legendary.