What stats do I need for resto Shaman?

What stats do I need for resto Shaman?

Best Stats for Resto Shaman

  • Item Level.
  • Critical Strike & Versatility.
  • Mastery & Haste.

How much crit should a resto Shaman have?

These are the rating thresholds for the first tier of diminishing returns on each stat: Critical Strike — 1050. Haste — 990. Mastery — 1050.

How much haste should a resto Shaman have?

The soft haste cap for resto shamans is 1269 haste rating (38.7%). 1% haste means you will cast 1 additional spell in the time it would normally take to cast 100 spells. You do NOT cast 1% faster.

Is Resto Shaman good for leveling?

Restoration Shaman PvP Talents for Leveling It is good for solo play, but excellent if you are doing outdoors content with others.

Which race is best for resto shaman?

Best Races for Restoration Shaman

  • Goblin – Rocket Jump is incredibly useful for just about any type of content. Mobility is something we lack.
  • Highmountain Tauren – Similar to Goblins, Bull Rush as a mobility tool will help you out a lot.
  • Tauren – War Stomp can be very useful in M+.

Can you level as Resto in TBC?

If you are looking to do solo content such as questing alone to level, you are better off going into either the Balance or Feral talent trees. The easiest way to level as a Resto Druid is through dungeons.

Can you level as resto shaman in TBC?

Leveling 0/7/54 Restoration Healing Talent Build Restoration Shamans are designed to do high healing while providing strong support for their team. This is especially true in TBC, as you get at Level 50 and at Level 64, which will make you an excellent healer for any Protection Paladin, Mage or Warlock group.

Should I level Resto Shaman TBC?

Restoration Shaman is a healer specialization that also brings plenty of support tools. It is not recommended to solo level as a healer specialization.

Is elemental or enhancement better for leveling TBC?

Enhance is easier as you don’t have as much downtime, and isn’t as gear reliant. Once about 40ish or so you can swap to Ele if you wish as you will have access to much better Ele talents.

What’s the best covenant for resto shaman?

Best Covenant / Soulbind for Restoration Shamans

Covenant Strength Soulbind
Kyrian Damage Kleia Raid (healing) Mikanikos Raid (damage) Mikanikos Mythic+ / Soloing
Necrolord Spread healing Emeni Raid Marileth PvP
Venthyr All-rounder Theotar All-rounder
Night Fae Extra Healing Tide Totems Niya All-rounder

What is the best Soulbind for resto shaman?

Best Necrolord Restoration Shaman Soulbinds Emeni remains the strongest Soulbind at all levels of renown.

What covenant should resto shaman?

While all Covenants are usable for Restoration Shamans, we would like to recommend being Necrolord if you want to focus on healing, Kyrian if you want to focus on damage, and Venthyr if you want a balanced approach.

What is a classic Restoration Shaman build?

TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Spec, Builds, and Talents 1 Talent Builds for Restoration Shamans. Restoration Shaman talent builds focus on throughput, sustainability and usually involve a trade-off between raw healing talents and improving your survivability or Strength of Earth 2 Notable Restoration Shamans Talents. 3 Changelog.

What are the best talents for shaman in TBC classic?

TBC Classic Restoration Shaman Spec, Builds, and Talents. 1 Flurry. Increases your attack speed by 10% for your next 3 swings after dealing a critical strike. 2 Mental Quickness. 3 Dual Wield Specialization. 4 Dual Wield. 5 Unleashed Rage.

Is the enhancement tree worth it for a shaman?

The Elemental Tree is mostly useless for a Restoration-focused Shaman in PvE, but it has a lot of PvP power associated with it, that you can consult on our Classic Shaman PvP guide. 2.2. The Enhancement Tree has a lot of Totem enhancing talents that are worth using when you are supporting melee groups.

What is the best healing tree for shaman?

The Restoration Tree is your bread and butter as a Shaman healer, allowing you to heal for large amounts efficiently. Improved Healing Wave decreases your Healing Wave ‘s cast time by up to 0,5 seconds.