What other social media sites are there besides Facebook and Twitter?

What other social media sites are there besides Facebook and Twitter?

The rankings on our list are based on the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

  • 1. Facebook — 2.9 billion MAUs.
  • YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs.
  • WhatsApp — 2 billion MAUs.
  • Instagram — 2 billion MAUs.
  • WeChat — 1.26 billion MAUs.
  • TikTok — 1 billion MAUs.
  • Sina Weibo — 573 million MAUs.
  • QQ — 538.91 million MAUs.

What is an alternative to Facebook and Instagram?

Vero. Vero is a Facebook alternative created back in 2015. It currently counts around 3 million users. Much like Facebook, Vero allows users to post different types of content such as text, photos or videos.

What social media site is most like Facebook?

The 10 best Facebook alternatives for Android and iOS

  • Snapchat (Android, iOS)
  • Pinterest (Android, iOS)
  • LinkedIn (Android, iOS)
  • Nextdoor (Android, iOS)
  • Vero (Android, iOS)
  • Minds.com (Android, iOS)
  • MeWe (Android, iOS)
  • Ello (Android, iOS)

What is replacing Twitter?

If You Want to Leave Twitter Because of Elon Musk, These Are Your…

  • Mastodon. The most obvious Twitter replacement is probably Mastodon, a decentralized series of social networking sites that are, in form and function, the most similar to Twitter.
  • Discord.
  • Tumblr.
  • Neocities.
  • Forums.
  • Spacehey.
  • Pillowfort.
  • Start Your Own.

Who is Twitter’s competitor?

Twitter’s competitors Twitter’s top competitors include Meta, WeChat, YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap and Instagram. Twitter is a company that provides a social networking platform. Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) is a technology company that provides an online social networking service.

What is the next Facebook?

Facebook is rebranding as Meta — but the app you use will still be called Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers the keynote address during a virtual event on Oct. 28. Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will rebrand itself under a new name: Meta.

What company is the next Facebook?

The new name reflects the company’s growing ambitions beyond social media. Facebook, now known as Meta, has adopted the new moniker, based on the sci-fi term metaverse, to describe its vision for working and playing in a virtual world.

What’s the next big thing after Instagram?

1. TikTok Will Become Huge. While Instagram is still a firm favorite, TikTok is moving up in the ranks. Plus, considering that short-form video content will become more popular, TikTok is the ideal platform to use in 2022.

Are there any social media alternatives to Twitter?

Regardless of what your specific complaints are when it comes to the social media market leaders, you always have a social media alternative to turn to. Mastodon is an Open Source, decentralized alternative to the Twitter microblogging service. It looks and works a lot like Twitter, so current Twitter users shouldn’t have too hard a time adjusting.

Is Tumblr a social media platform?

Beyond that, Tumblr has a number of features you’d find on a typical social media platform. For example, you can share, like, search via hashtags, or comment on posts. The site even released an instant messaging app on web and mobile back in 2015. Like Twitter, Reddit isn’t for everyone. At times, it can be ruthless and unforgiving.

What are the best Facebook alternatives?

Here are the eight best Facebook alternatives when you’re ready to move on. While Tumblr and Reddit look to create communities for as many interests as possible, “Amino” encourages niché topics. Most of them will appeal to your inner nerd. There are already more than 250,000 communities focused on geek topics from Pokémon to anime to K-pop.