What is turbine turning gear?

What is turbine turning gear?

A jacking gear (also known as a turning gear) is a device placed on the main shaft of an engine or the rotor of a turbine. The jacking gear rotates the shaft or rotor and associated machinery (such as reduction gears and main steam or gas turbines), to ensure uniform cool-down.

Why large steam turbines are equipped with turning gear?

Large steam turbines are equipped with a turning gear assembly to slowly rotate the turbine and generator rotors during periods of cooling down after a shutdown, while warming during startup, and during periods when the unit is off-line and on standby.

What is barring gear in turbine?

Barring gear is the mechanism provided to rotate the turbine rotor shaft at a lower speed during the stoppage period. With the aid of an external device or motor using a set of gearboxes attached to the turbine shaft.

Why is turning gears important?

The purpose of turning gear operation while shutting down the turbine is to prevent rotor hogging.

What is turning gear speed?

Turning gear has wide range of speed. For example in SIEMENS design, the turning gear have speed less than 1 RPM, while in other designs, turning gears have the speed around 400 RPM. Turning gear philosophy, such as activation speed or duration, is totally depends on the turbine manufacturer.

What is a jacking motor?

noun. an engine for moving an idle reciprocating engine or turbine to permit inspection and repairs.

What is a compressor barring device?

Barring device. Manual barring may be achieved by turning the flywheel. The barring device should be designed so that gas forces acting on the pistons cannot cause the compressor either to accelerate or to rotate in the reverse direction.

Why we need to turning gear the engine before starting?

The turning gear is also used to turn the engine one or two revolutions prior to starting. This is a safety check to ensure that the engine is free to turn and that no water has collected in the cylinders.

What is jacking oil?

The jacking oil pump is used in large turbine systems to prevent metal-to-metal contact in the bearings during turbine start-up. This is accomplished by applying high- pressure oil to the turbine shaft bearings, raising the shaft with the high-pressure oil.

How does a steam turbine rotate?

As the name implies, a steam turbine is powered by steam. As hot, gaseous steam flows past the turbine’ spinning blades, steam expands and cools, giving off most of the energy it contains. This steam spins the blades continuously. The blades thus convert most of the steam’s potential energy into kinetic energy.

How much steam is needed to turn a turbine?

Assuming max steam consumption rate (2 kg/s), power output is 242 watts at 125 °C, capped at 850 watts at 200 °C or higher. Note for 1 inlet: A steam turbine can absorb 0.08 kg steam in each tick (0.2 second) from each inlet. But a steam turbine needs more than 0.1 kg Steam to start conversion.

What is the 4 digit password for Call Barring?

The default should be ‘1234’ or ‘0000’ however if you have purchased the phone second hand then you may wish to contact the seller directly to find out if they changed it.

What is diverting a call?

Call diversion, also known as call forwarding, is a feature that allows a phone owner to forward or redirect incoming calls to a landline, cell phone, voicemail message or a text messaging system.

What is kick back in compressor?

In this compressor (as normal flow path) system also, there is one suction dampener, then compressor then comes discharge dampener and then cooler. After cooler there is kick back control valve, which is discharging to suction dampener.

What is a clearance pocket?

A valve cap fixed-volume clearance pocket is a device installed over a compressor valve. The added fixed volume is typically less than that provided by a head-end pocket simply due to less space being available over a valve.

What is turning gear interlock?

(a) TURNING GEAR INTERLOCK :- It prevents the engine from being started if the turning gear is engaged. It blocks the starting air. from reaching the engine.