What is the world record Mario speedrun?

What is the world record Mario speedrun?

Matheus Furtado (Brazil), better known as “FURiOUS”, completed Super Mario World (1990) 0 Exit in just 41.022 seconds on 11 June 2020 in Garopaba, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

How fast does Mario run in Super Mario Bros?

about a 5:30 mile pace
So Mario’s fast — running about a 5:30 mile pace. But not world class. His 5K time would be about 17:15, nearly 4 minutes and 22 seconds slower than the world record holder in the 5000 meters.

Is Mario or Luigi faster?

Brawl supported the fact that Luigi is faster in running and swimming and can jump higher than Mario, but his strength and power are slightly weaker.

Who is stronger Mario or Luigi?

Therefore Luigi has the edge over his superstar sibling. Running into a Question Block is not a feat of endurance but a single, straightforward task. While the brothers may match one another in raw power, Luigi’s mass is ultimately going to secure him a Question Block’s bounty first.

How fast can Shadow run?

Shadow uses his Dash Speed to go 915 to 3,840 mph. Shadow can increase his Speed to go even further then Mach 1, reaching near Mach 5 or 6. He can Run or skate on Water with this Speed.

How fast can Sonic run?

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Speed Despite his small appearance, Sonic the Hedgehog has a max speed of 186,000 miles per second and travels at a speed of 767 miles per hour. His light-speed shoes allow him to run faster than the speed of light and fight the evil genius who wants to use him in an experiment.

What is the world record for Super Mario Bros speedrun?

Super Mario Bros. Any% Speedrun in 4:55.646 (Former World Record) – YouTube Super Mario Bros. Any% Speedrun in 4:55.646 (Former World Record) If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is Jeff Ninneman’s Super Mario Bros race time?

Jeff Ninneman and Jason Harmer had a recorded Super Mario Bros. race in front of a crowd in 2002. ( Article, Video) Both had times of 5:50 (5:53 from pressing Start), though Jason Harmer (on the right) was a bit faster.

Can you play new Super Mario Bros on Wii U?

All official release runs must be done on either a cartridge of New Super Mario Bros. or the WiiU Virtual Console (WiiUVC) release. Playing off of flash cartridges (such as an R4 cart) or on DSi/3DS Homebrew is not allowed for runs due to loading time inconsistencies.

Is there a video of Jason Harmer speedrun?

Jason Harmer has a 5:09 video uploaded on October 12 2012 that may be the run refered to in the article. Glitches are banned. Twin Galaxies was the primary leaderboard outside Japan until SDA got more popular and then speedrun.com got more popular. TG changed timing rules to start from pressing Start.