What is the SWO designator?

What is the SWO designator?

Surface Warfare Officer Designator 1160.

What is a designator in the Navy?

The officer billet designator codes are four-digit numbers used to identify the primary naval specialty qualifications required of the billet incumbent and to administratively categorize officer billets for proper management and identification.

How do you become a Navy LDO?

A candidate must receive a favorable endorsement from the commanding officer (unit CO for SELRES personnel) to be eligible to apply to become an LDO. If a commanding officer feels an individual is not qualified for LDO, the commander will not forward the package.

What is Navy URL?

Unrestricted Line Officer
In the Navy, the Unrestricted Line Officer (URL) community are the core warfighters. They perform the core mission of the Navy. These are line officers in the Regular Navy and the Naval Reserve who are not at all restricted in their duties.

How long is Navy SWO school?

Qualifications & Requirements Those already having a degree attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), a 12-week Navy school in Newport, RI. All candidates must also be U.S. Citizens.

Do officers get to pick their MOS Navy?

Unlike enlisted recruits who sign a contract guaranteeing them a specific military occupational specialty (MOS) if they pass Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT is job-specific), officer candidates apply and get accepted to Officer Candidate School without any guarantee of getting a specific MOS …

What are the different types of Navy officers?

These options include:

  • Naval aviator (pilot)
  • Naval aviation (flight officer)
  • Naval special warfare officer (SEALS)
  • Submarine officer.
  • Surface warfare officer.
  • Law (JAG)
  • Public affairs.
  • Health care.

What does a Navy special warfare officer do?

Job Description To Special Warfare Officers, it’s parachuting 500 feet into the frigid ocean, overseeing the disposal of an ocean-borne mine, traveling silently underwater in a SEAL Delivery Vehicle, or scurrying through a dense jungle in a combat situation.

What kind of officer qualified as a Special Warfare Officer (seal)?

URL Officer qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer. URL Officer qualified as a Submarine Warfare Officer. URL Officer qualified as a Special Warfare Officer ( SEAL ). URL Officer qualified as a Special Operations Officer by virtue of training in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Diving/Salvage, and EOM functional areas.

What is a Naval Special Warfare Operator (SO)?

The Naval Special Warfare community is a sea-intensive community. Due to the unique nature of the special warfare mission, Sailors in the elite rating of Naval Special Warfare Operator (SO) should expect to serve back-to-back sea tours prior to assignment ashore.

Do commissioned officers have warfare designations?

Although commissioned officers have warfare pins and designations, such as Surface Warfare Officer, they do not use warfare designators in their titles. (SQ) – “Qualified in submarines, but not planned for future assignment to submarine duty.”

How to become a Special Warfare Officer in the military?

Special Warfare Officer Program. The basic requirements for selection to the Special Warfare Officer Candidate indoctrination and training program for college graduates applies to both the Active and Reserve Component unless specifically stated otherwise.