What is the outcome of Occipito posterior position?

What is the outcome of Occipito posterior position?

The primary outcome will be operative delivery (defined as vacuum, forceps and/or caesarean section deliveries). Secondary outcomes will be caesarean section, significant maternal mortality/morbidity and significant perinatal mortality/morbidity.

What is the Occipito posterior position?

The technical term is occiput posterior (OP) position. This term refers to the fact that the back of your baby’s skull (the occipital bone) is in the back (or posterior) of your pelvis. You may also hear this position referred to as “face-up” or “sunny-side up.”

What is left Occipito posterior?

When facing forward, the baby is in the occiput posterior position. If the baby is facing forward and slightly to the left (looking toward the mother’s right thigh) it is in the left occiput posterior (LOP) position.

Can you go into labour with a posterior cervix?

If your cervix is still posterior after 38 weeks, Atlas says to not panic. Most likely, labor is not coming immediately, but everyone’s labor progresses differently.

Can occiput posterior deliver vaginally?

Occiput posterior (OP) position is the most common fetal malposition. It is important because it is associated with labor abnormalities that may lead to adverse maternal and neonatal consequences, particularly operative vaginal delivery or cesarean delivery.

What is posterior cervix?

– Position: Your cervix moves from behind baby’s head close to your spine (called a posterior cervix) and makes its way to the top of baby’s head (anterior cervix). When it is anterior, it becomes easier for it to dilate and thin out since the baby’s head is applying direct pressure to the cervix.

How can I get my cervix to move forward?

Getting up and moving around may help speed dilation by increasing blood flow. Walking around the room, doing simple movements in bed or chair, or even changing positions may encourage dilation. This is because the weight of the baby applies pressure to the cervix.

What happens if cervix is behind baby’s head?

Can you go into labor with a posterior cervix?

Can you deliver with a posterior cervix?

Most likely, labor is not coming immediately, but everyone’s labor progresses differently. “Checking a cervix for dilation may be more uncomfortable for a woman with a posterior cervix, but this is just because it’s hard to reach,” says Lauren Demosthenes, MD, OB-GYN, and senior medical director with Babyscripts.

What does it mean if you have a posterior cervix?

Can you deliver a baby in occiput posterior?

Occiput Posterior (OP) In occiput posterior position, your baby’s head is down, but it is facing the mother’s front instead of her back. It is safe to deliver a baby facing this way.