What is the oldest Tamil literature?

What is the oldest Tamil literature?

Tolkāppiyam (Tamil: தொல்காப்பியம், lit. “ancient poem”) is the most ancient extant Tamil grammar text and the oldest extant long work of Tamil literature.

How old is the Tamil language?

Summary. Old Tamil stands alongside Sanskrit as one of India’s two classical languages. First attested about 254 BC, Old Tamil is the oldest recorded member of the Dravidian languages, a family which today encompasses twenty-four distinct languages.

Who is the most powerful Tamil king?

Top List of Tamil Kings | Ancient History Of Tamil Nadu

  • Cholan. The Chola administration was one of the longest-decision lines in the historical backdrop of southern India.
  • Tamil Kingdom: Pandyas.
  • Tamil Kingdom: Cheras.
  • #5 Raja Cholan.
  • #4 Rajendra Chola-
  • #3 Karikala-
  • #2 Narasimhavarman I.
  • #1 Senguttuvan-

Who is father of Tamil language?

Notes: As per Tamil sources, the father of Tamil literature is ‘Agastaya’.

What is the history of Tamil literature?

There is a scholarly literature in Tamil dating back to the early centuries of the Christian era. The language is of Dravidian origin. The Dravidians were the founders of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, which already existed in India sometime before 1000 BC when the Aryans invaded the sub-continent from the north.

Who wrote the book ‘Tamils – eighteen hundred years ago’?

Another Tamil from Jaffna, Kanagasabaipillai served at Madras University and his book ‘Tamils – Eighteen Hundred Years Ago’ reinforced the historical togetherness of the Tamil people and was a valuable source book for researchers in Tamil studies in the succeeding years.

Where did the Tamils come from?

Many Tamils trace their origins to the people of Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley around 6000 years before the birth of Christ. There is, however, a need for further systematic study of the history of the early Tamils and proto Tamils.

What is the history of Tamil Nadu?

The History of Tamil Nadu begins with the 3 kingdoms, Chera, Chola and Pandya , which are referred to in documents of the 3rd century BC. Some of the kings of these dynasties are mentioned in Sangam Literature and the age between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD is called the Sangam Age.