What is the movie Agent Cody Banks about?

What is the movie Agent Cody Banks about?

Agent Cody Banks2003Agent Cody Banks 2: Destinatio…2004
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What’s the movie Half Past Dead about?

Half Past Dead2002Half Past Dead 22007
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How old was Frankie Muniz in Agent Cody Banks?

Agent Cody Banks is a 2003 American spy comedy film directed by Harald Zwart. It follows the adventures of the 15-year-old title character, played by Frankie Muniz, who has to finish his chores, avoid getting grounded, and save the world by going undercover for the CIA as a James Bond–type superspy.

Is Agent Cody Banks for kids?

Parents need to know that Agent Cody Banks is a James-Bond-like action movie for tweens filled with smash-’em-up cartoon violence, particularly a final sequence that pulls out all the stops — explosions, electrocutions, jet-ski chases, and more.

What movie is DMX?

Cradle 2 The Grave2003Exit Wounds2001Romeo Must Die2000Belly1998Never Die Alone2004Beyond the Law2019

Who is the woman in Agent Cody Banks?

Hilary Duff
Natalie Connors was named after producer Dylan Sellers’ daughter Natalie Sellers who asked for Hilary Duff to play the role. The real Natalie has a cameo in the film as well.

Is Angie Harmon in Agent Cody Banks 2?

Atmospheric and lively musical score by Mark Thomas . This is a sequel to ¨Agent Cody Banks¨(2003) that directed Harald Zwart (One Night at McCool’s , Commando Hamilton , Pink Panther 2) starred by Hilary Duff , Angie Harmon , Cynthia Stevenson , Arnold Vosloo , Keith David , Daniel Roebuck , Ian McShane.

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