What is the most expensive Bundaberg Rum?

What is the most expensive Bundaberg Rum?

Hundreds of Bundaberg Rum fans queued for three days and nights for a limited edition bottle commemorating the iconic Queensland brand’s 125th anniversary. Costing $1250 for 700ml, it was said to be a record price for an Australian rum, blended from a secret recipe of the brand’s oldest and rarest brews.

How strong is Bundaberg OP rum?


Manufacturer Bundaberg Distilling Company
Alcohol Percentage 57.7%
Standard Drinks 32
Liquor Style Dark Rum
Volume 700ML

What does op mean in alcohol?

OP stands for Over-Proof (of alcohol)

Is there sugar in Bundaberg Rum?

Carbohydrates, Sugar, and Sodium In 100 grams of Bundaberg Red Rum, there are no carbs, no sugar, and only 2mg of sodium.

Is Bundaberg Rum made in Australia?

We are proudly made in Australia from the finest sugar cane grown in the rich volcanic soil of tropical QLD. This is what makes our rum so distinctive in flavour and unique in character. Nothing else in the world tastes like Bundaberg Rum.

How much does a Bundaberg Red Racing bottle cost?

A 6,000 (5952) limited edition 700ml bottle “Red Racing” was released on July 4, 2009 to commemorate the launch of the Bundaberg Red Racing Teamwho contested the 2009 Australian V8 Supercar Championship. The bottom label contained the signature of David Reynolds, the driver. It was only available at the Bondstore for $AUD35 RRP.

How is Bundaberg Red Rum made?

Details:Bundaberg Red follows a similar process as standard Bundaberg UP rum, being double distilled then aged in vats for 2 years. The rum is then filtered 3 times, first it is chill filtered, second is an activated carbon filtration and finally filtered using an Australian Red Gum filter.

What are the best brands of rum in Bundaberg?

Bundaberg Rum Showcase Collectomania Bottles Other Rum/Bottles Bundaberg Five Bundaberg Red OverProof (OP) Royal Liqueur UnderProof (UP) Select Vat Distillers Number 3 Millaquin Reserve

What are the Bundaberg Red label variations?

Variations:To date, Bundaberg Redhas had 4 Label variations. The Original regular bottom label (trapezium with a semi circle at the top) was replaced in late 2011 with an updated version (trapezium) to include a more prominent Australian Red Gum Tree in the middle.