What is the highest score in Wbjee?

What is the highest score in Wbjee?

Good Rank in WBJEE 2022: For B. Tech

Rank Expected WBJEE 2022 Score Range Remarks
1-100 >150 Top Rank
100-10,000 140-120 Very Good Rank
10,001- 15,000 120-105 Good Rank

Is Wbjee easy?

The overall difficulty level of WBJEE 2020 paper was moderate to difficult. Candidates found the Maths section as tough to moderate; physics as difficult and chemistry as easy.

Is Wbjee difficult?

WBJEE 2021 Paper was successfully conducted on July 17, 2021. More than 1 lakh students appeared in one of the most popular state level engineering entrance examinations ….WBJEE 2021 Paper Analysis.

Section Maximum marks Difficulty Level
Section A 50 Moderate but lengthy
Section B 30 Tough
Section C 20 Easy

Is Wbjee easier than mains?

Overall, WBJEE was easier in terms of difficulty level if compared to JEE Main. However, since candidates need to solve 155 questions in 4 hours as compared to 90 questions in 3 hours, many struggled to finish each paper on time.

Is WBJEE 2021 hard?

WBJEE 2021 Paper Analysis WBJEE was conducted on May 17, 2016 in pen and paper mode (offline mode) across all cities in West Bengal. About 1.3 lac candidates showed up in WBJEE 2016 for admission to Government and private colleges in West Bengal. Generally, the test takers found the exam of moderate difficulty level.

Is 40 a good score in WBJEE?

WBJEE 2022 is conducted for admission in B. Tech & B. Pharm courses in West Bengal….Good Scores in WBJEE 2022 for B. Pharm Admission.

Very Good Score 90+
Good Score 75+
Average Score 55+
Low Score 40 or below

How many hours should I study for WBJEE?

It is recommended to allocate 4 hours each day for WBJEE preparation. Which subject should I focus on more to prepare for WBJEE? You should focus on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/ Biology to prepare for WBJEE.

Is NCERT is enough for WBJEE?

Are NCERT books enough for WBJEE? NCERT books are perfect reference books for WBJEE. However, it will be better to have a few other reference books, including a Mock Test Book, 10 Years Solved Papers Book, for additional practice.

Is getting Jadavpur tough?

To get into JU, you need to get a rank under 1500, If you are going for Electronics, CSE, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation etc., then you need a very decent score, your rank should be under 600–700. But, if you want to get in IT, Power, Printing, Construction -etc then scoring under 1200–1500 will be enough.

Is 1 month enough for WBJEE?

Now, students have only one month for WBJEE. They have to boost up their preparation to score more marks in WBJEE. Students has already completed their syllabus of all subjects, now they should attempt at least full length practice papers based on the latest pattern of WBJEE.

Can I clear WBJEE in 2 months?

Yes,definitely one can easily crack wbjee in 2 months if his/her basics are clear from class 11th and 12th ncert books. Questions are generally more or les same level as that of jee mains. These are based on ncert books.So try to practice questions as much as you can.

Is Arihant enough for WBJEE?

If you are looking for a perfect book for the last 10 years solved papers, then the best book for you is WBJEE Engineering Solved Paper by Arihant Experts. Sl.

Is Google came in Jadavpur University?

The top recruiters of Jadavpur University in 2021 included leading companies such as Google, Airbus, Amazon and Tata Steel.