What is the correct question word for when?

What is the correct question word for when?

WH Question Words

question word function example sentence
what asking for information about something What is your name?
asking for repetition or confirmation What? I can’t hear you. You did what?
what…for asking for a reason, asking why What did you do that for?
when asking about time When did he leave?

How do we use when?

We use when, not while, to talk about something that occurs at the same time as a longer action or event that is described in the main clause: I was asleep in my chair when Dora rang to say she wasn’t coming home. We were playing monopoly when the lights went off.

What is question in English grammar?

In grammar, a question is a type of sentence expressed in a form that requires—or at least appears to require—an answer. Also known as an interrogative sentence, a question is generally distinguished from a sentence that makes a statement, delivers a command, or expresses an exclamation.

Can a sentence start with when?

Of course you can start a sentence with when: When are you going to leave on vacation? When I arrive there, I`ll send you a postcard. When the telephone rang, I was having a shower.

What is the difference between if and when?

We use if to introduce a possible or unreal situation or condition. We use when to refer to the time of a future situation or condition that we are certain of: You can only go in if you’ve got your ticket.

What is wh form?

We usually form wh-questions with wh- + an auxiliary verb (be, do or have) + subject + main verb or with wh- + a modal verb + subject + main verb: Be: When are you leaving? Who’s been paying the bills?

What is 5w and 1h?

Otherwise known as the questioning method or the method of the Five Ws, 5W1H is an acronym in which every letter corresponds to a question: what, who, where, when, how and Why. This technique allows you to understand a situation, to discern a problem by analysing all the aspects.

Is the word when a conjunction?

We use when as a conjunction meaning ‘at the time that’. The clause with when is a subordinate clause (sc) and needs a main clause (mc) to complete its meaning. If the when-clause comes before the main clause, we use a comma.

What is the main difference between if and while?

Meaning an if statement gives you once the possibility to do something or not (or something else). Whereas a while loop does things as long as the condition is true.

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    ورود یا ثبت نام

    How to pronounce question in English?

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