What is the code for Airtel weekly subscription?

What is the code for Airtel weekly subscription?

Anyway, here are the subscription codes for Airtel Weekly data plan. Unlimited Plan: N525 for 200MB – Valid for 7 Days – Dial *440*17# to subscribe. Weekly Plan: N300 for 350MB – Valid for 7 Days – Dial *417# to subscribe. Easy Plan: N500 for 750MB – Valid for 14 Days – Dial *418# to subscribe.

How can I get 1GB for 100 on Airtel 7 days?

Airtel Nigeria has just launched another mouth data plan which gives you 1024MB (1GB) for just 100 naira for the weekend….How to Subscribe Airtel 250MB for 100 Naira

  1. Recharge Your Airtel Line with 100 Naira Airtime.
  2. Dial *141*105#
  3. Go ahead to surf Instagram for the day, using your acquired 250MB.

How can I get 1GB for 200 for Airtel valid for 7 days?

How can I get 1GB for N200 on Airtel? It’s simple to obtain 1GB for 200 on Airtel for 7 days. Simply send by dialing *141*241#. Then, when the prompt appears, press 2 for Airtel 200 for 200 MB for 7 Days.

How can I get 20GB for 3000 on Airtel?

How to get AIRTEL Data Subscription Code for 20GB for N3000

  1. Purchase an Airtel Recharge Card worth of N3000 and recharge all in your Airtel SIM Card.
  2. Dial *141#
  3. Then select 1 which My Data Offer or go to my Area.
  4. Select the option of 20GB for N3000.

How do I buy weekly data on Airtel?

Dial *154*2*amount#, or simply just dial *154*2# and choose your desired option: 300 MB for N300 valid for 7 days (N600 voice value)

How can I get 9GB for 2000 on Airtel?

To subscribe to the Airtel 9GB for 2000 naira data plan, you require only the easiest of steps, as follows:

  1. Buy a total amount of ₦2000.
  2. Dial *141#
  3. Choose “1”, my offer.
  4. Pick the selected plan, in this case “9GB for N2000”

How can I get 16GB in Airtel?

How to Subscribe to Airtel 16GB for 3000 naira – Airtel My Offer data plan

  1. Simply dial *141#.
  2. Select “My offer”
  3. Then pick the plan you want to purchase. In this case, the ₦3000 for 16GB plan.

How can I get 10gb of 2000 on Airtel?

How To Activate It. Dial *141*242# and choose the data to plan that suite you. Note:Â If your SIM is not eligible for the offer, try another Airtel NG SIM. Kindly share your thoughts and experience with us in the comment.

How can I get 1GB for 100 naira?

MTN 1GB For N100 – MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB You can download your favorite movies, games, software, and others on your phone. All you need to do is recharge up to N100 on your line, dial the activate and you are good. Simply dial *131*100# to activate.

How can I get Airtel 9GB?

How to Activate Airtel 9GB Data Plan. A far better one than the one above; with this plan, Airtel gives you 9GB of data for just N4000 and it’s valid for 30 days (one month). To activate this plan, simply dial *438*1# on your Airtel line to subscribe.

How can I get 9GB of 2000 naira on Airtel?