What is the best outfit in RDR2?

What is the best outfit in RDR2?

The 10 Best Outfits In Red Dead Redemption 2

  • 8 The Trophy Buck.
  • 7 The Bear Hunter.
  • 6 The Saint-Denis.
  • 5 The Ghost Bison.
  • 4 The Faulkton.
  • 3 The Beast Of Prey.
  • 2 The Dreamcatcher.
  • 1 Best: The Gambler.

How do you get the legend of the East outfit in RDR2?

The outfit is unlocked by completing every ambient challenge in Red Dead Redemption II. As such, it can only be unlocked and worn legitimately by John Marston.

Can you hang a person in RDR2?

Hangings are a form of execution appearing in Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online. During a hanging, a person is put to death by suspension by the neck.

Can you complete all challenges as Arthur?

But If you want to complete all the challenges as Arthur, then Herbalist 9 and 10 will be a problem. In Herbalist 9, you need to get all the plants in the game, including the four herbs (desert sage, red sage, black currant, and wild feverfew) from New Austin.

How do you get a Compsons pistol?

One of the assailants has the pistol you’re after but it won’t fire, so kill him and take it for yourself before heading through the trap door. You’ll find the ledger at the end of the room to your right. The quest marker will then update and you can return to Compson at a camp Southeast of Ringneck Creek.

Should I hang Cleet in RDR2?

John can choose to either hang him or spare him, although sparing Cleet will simply result in him being shot dead by Sadie instead.

Can you meet Hamish as John?

If the player does not complete the final mission with Hamish, John can meet him during the epilogue and inform him of Arthur’s passing.

What is the best satchel in rdr2?

The Legend of the East Satchel increases your inventory for most items to 99. You will never have to leave meat on a carcass, or pass up a useful herb or item, because of inventory space. Crafting the Legend of the East Satchel will make everything more convenient for the rest of the game.

Can you beat Horseman 9 as Arthur?

Horseman 9 is possible as Arthur! Fandom. Horseman 9 is possible as Arthur! This took such an absurd amount of time and I honestly thought it was impossible with Arthur, but thanks to the power of minty big game meat and potent miracle tonics, that assumption proved to be incorrect.