What is the bag limit for King George whiting in WA?

What is the bag limit for King George whiting in WA?

Possession limit is one of the following: 72 fish. 10 kg of fillets. 36 fish and up to 5kg of fillets where a person has both fish and fillets.

What is the biggest whiting caught in Australia?

The 1.61kg King George Whiting that measure 620mm long was caught north of Batemans Bay, on Thursday, June 11. “Quite a remarkable capture for these waters. The NSW record is 1.8kg which means they are not unheard of up here but still very rare,” said the skipper of the fishing boat Alan Brown, who sent us the photo.

How many crab nets per boat in SA?

A maximum of three drop nets per person can be used. Crabbing is a popular recreational pastime in South Australia.

What is the best lure for whiting?

Bream and Whiting Top Water lures

  • Atomic Hardz Shiner 75 Double Deep Fishing Lure.
  • Pro Lure Crank Deep Hard Body Fishing Lure ProLure.
  • OSP Dunk 48 SP.
  • Daiwa Double Clutch IZM 75SP-G Fishing Lures.
  • Jackall DD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune Silent.
  • Nomad Design Styx Minnow 70mm Suspending Fishing L.

Can you use garden worms for whiting?

It is best to pack them into a quantity of bran from a produce outlet to minimise the mess and make it easier to find them, rather than having them in soil. Like most livies, no one wants to go next! Three of the best whiting from the day laid out on the kitchen cutting board. Garden worms work a treat on whiting.

How do you get King George Whiting in South Australia?

In South Australia KGW prefer sandy environments during summer and reef environments during winter. When targeting these bottom feeders search for areas that would provide a likely food source such as: Sand patches amongst the weed, sand patches amongst low-lying reef, broken rubbly bottom and sandy channels.

What is the difference between whiting and King George Whiting?

The only member of the genus Sillaginodes, King George Whiting is easily distinguished from other Whiting by its tiny scales and the dark spots on its side (and from the unrelated but similar-looking Grass Whiting by its forked tail and 2 distinct dorsal fins).

Can I use a throw net in South Australia?

Mesh nets cannot be used in the marine coastal waters of South Australia. All recreational mesh nets must be registered before they can be used.

Are throw nets legal in South Australia?

Currently in South Australia, the nets are regulated with PIRSA stipulating that the nets cannot be over a meter long or have an opening exceeding 7.5cm in diameter. However, ‘set and forget’ opera house nets mean the traps are often overlooked and left in the water for months at a time.

How many crab pots can you have in South Australia?

The daily personal bag limit for Blue Swimmer Crabs in South Australia is 20 per person (combined with Sand Crabs). The daily maximum boat limit for Blue Swimmer Crabs in South Australia is 60 per boat with 3 or more people on board (combined with Sand Crabs).

Is King George whiting illegal in South Australia?

The South Australian Government said the annual closure affecting King George whiting would take in southern Spencer Gulf, southern Saint Vincent Gulf and Investigator Strait. It would protect this key spawning area during a critical reproductive period and the taking and possession of King George whiting by all anglers will be illegal, it said.

Is there a fire ban in South Australia?

Fire bans. All open fires, liquid fuel and gas stoves are banned in all South Australia’s national parks on days declared a Total Fire Ban by the Country Fire Service (CFS). Total Fire Bans are also communicated through the media, including ABC radio. Parks may be closed to visitors on Total Fire Ban days or days of high fire risk.

How big can you catch King George whiting in SA?

Daily bag limits will now be 10 instead of 12 and daily boat limits will fall from 36 to 30, with the legal minimum King George whiting catch size to be 32 centimetres in most SA waters. “We know that the main thing we need to do is to protect the fisheries for future generations,” Mr Bignell said.

Do I need a permit to burn agricultural waste in SA?

However burning is to be conducted in accordance with SA CFS Vegetation Pile Burning Code of Practice 2015 disposal of agricultural or forestry waste – no permit needed. However, where relevant, burning is to be conducted in accordance with the SA CFS Broad Acre Burning Code of Practice 2015