What is surface IDC?

What is surface IDC?

Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsmen serve as the Medical Department Representatives aboard surface ships, with Fleet Marine Force Units, and isolated duty stations, independent of a medical officer.

How long is Corpsman IDC school?

The course of instruction is 63 weeks in total. The Independent Duty Corpsman Curriculum begins after completing 6 weeks of Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS) at Naval Submarine School on the submarine base.

What is IDC school in the Navy?

IDC School is designed for motivated E4 thru E-7 Hospital Corpsmen who seek great responsibility and become one of the most respected NEC’s in the Medical Enlisted Community as well as in the Navy.

How do you become an IDC corpsman?

All IDCs attend a 19-week school at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Following basic training, IDCs must attend additional schools located in North Carolina, Connecticut and California in order to qualify in a warfare specialty.

Is an IDC a doctor?

IDCs are enlisted sailors assigned to Navy and Marine Corps units across the globe and are trained to practice medicine independent of physicians. However, there is much more to an IDC than just being a non-licensed clinician.

How much does an independent duty corpsman make?

The average salary for an Independent Duty Corpsman is $44,114 per year in United States, which is 19% lower than the average US Navy salary of $54,580 per year for this job. What is the salary trajectory of an Independent Duty Corpsman?

What rank is a Navy corpsman?

Navy corpsmen are classified as the HM rating. At RTC, every recruit begins at the lowest enlisted rank, Seaman Recruit (E-1). The first three ranks (E-1 through E-3) are referred to as apprenticeships and for the HM rate are designated as Hospitalman Apprentice (HA for E-2) and Hospitalman (HN for E-3).

What rank is independent corpsman?

petty officer 2nd class
When a corpsman reaches the rank of petty officer 2nd class, they have the opportunity to apply for Independent Duty Corpsman School. The school is 12 months long and goes beyond the basics of medicine into anatomy, physiology and how medicines affect the body.

What rank is an independent duty corpsman?