What is Section 4 in land acquisition in Pakistan?

What is Section 4 in land acquisition in Pakistan?

(iv) no person “entitled to act” shall be competent to receive the compensation-money payable to the person for whom he is entitled to act unless he would have been competent to alienate the land and receive and give a good discharge for the purchase-money on a voluntary sale.

What is land acquisition in Philippines?

PB2014-03: The State of Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Compensation in the Phlippines. Compulsory acquisition or expropriation is the power of the government to acquire private land for public purpose or use without the consent of the owner upon payment of just compensation.

What is land acquisition in Malaysia?

The compulsory acquisition of land is the process by which the government acquires from private landowners their land which is needed for any public purpose or for a purpose beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia.

What is Section 6 in Land Acquisition Act?

Whenever any land shall have been so declared to be needed for a public purpose, or for a Company, the appropriate Government, or some officer authorised by the appropriate Government in this behalf, shall direct the Collector to take order for the acquisition of the land.

What factors are considered while determining compensation under the Land Acquisition Act?

(ii) Compensation to be awarded to a person for the acquired land, is to be determined under Section 23(1) of the Act by taking into consideration six factors – (i) the market value of the land, on the date of publication of the notification under section 4(1) of the Act; (ii to iv) damage sustained by the person …

What do you mean by land acquisition?

For the purposes of this document, the term “land acquisition” refers to the acquisition of private land by the government (local, state or federal) in fee simple (through purchase or donation). The related concept of acquiring conservation easements is discussed separately.

What is compensation for acquired property?

When land is compulsorily acquired, the rights and interests in the land are converted to a right to claim compensation. Compensation is the amount of money paid to the landowner and other interested parties as a result of the land being resumed (or, in some cases, the works carried out).

What is adequate compensation in land acquisition?

Adequate compensation, therefore, as stated under the provision of Article 13(2) of the Federal Constitution refers to the amount of compensation which is decided, considering all principles stated under the First Schedule of the Land Acquisition Act 1960.

What is Section 17 of Land Acquisition Act?

—In every case referred to in section 16 or section 17, the Collector shall, upon payment of the cost of acquisition, make overcharge of the land to the Board and the land shall thereupon vest in the Board, subject to the liability of the Board to pass any further costs which may be incurred on account of its …

What is 3D in land acquisition?

Under Section 3D, if no objections have been made, or the objections have been disallowed; the competent authority may submit a report to the Central Government and on receipt of such report the government shall declare by notification in the official gazette that the land should be acquired under Section 3A.

Which are the matters to be considered in determine the compensation by the special land acquisition officer in Act 2013?

23.Matters to be considered in determining compensation:- sixthly, the damage (if any) bona fide resulting from diminution of the profits of the land between the time of the publication of the declaration under section 6 and the time of the Collector’s taking possession of the land.

What are the conditions for a valid compulsory acquisition of land?

LEGAL MEANS OF COMPULSORY ACQUISITION OF LAND The Notice must declare that the land is required by the government for public purpose. At the issuance of such notice the right of occupancy will be revoked. Once such is done, the governor has compulsorily acquired the land.

How just compensation is determined?

Determination of Just Compensation. – In determining just compensation, the cost of acquisition of the land, the current value of the like properties, its nature, actual use and income, the sworn valuation by the owner, the tax declarations, and the assessment made by government assessors shall be considered.

What are the objectives of land acquisition act?

Land Acquisition Act: Objective To provide fair compensation to the families who are affected or whose land has been acquired or livelihood has been affected, because of the land acquisition. To provide adequate provision for rehabilitation and resettlement of the families affected.

What are the principles of land acquisition and Compensation Act 1986?

land acquisition and compensation act 1986 – sect 41 General principles on which compensation is to be based (1) Except as otherwise provided in this Part, in assessing the amount of compensation payable to a claimant in respect of an interest in land which is acquired under this Act , regard must be had to the following factors—

What is the Land Acquisition Act?

What is the Land Acquisition Act? The Land Acquisition Act, also known as, the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, regulates and governs the entire process of land acquisition.

What is the right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition?

Known as the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, this law replaced the archaic Land Acquisition Act, 1894, to bring in a new procedure, which would grant fair compensation to those affected. See also: How to calculate land value? What is land acquisition?

What is Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill?

The Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (LARR) Bill, 2011, is a law that lays down various provisions and directions to be followed, while acquiring land anywhere in the country. Can the government take your land in India? Yes, the government can take your land for building infrastructure or economic zones. Was this article useful?