What is Searle Pakistan?

What is Searle Pakistan?

Searle Pakistan Limited (Formerly OBS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited) is a leading pharmaceutical company with strong presence in several countries including Pakistan.

Who owns OBS Pakistan?

The Searle Pakistan Ltd
KARACHI: The Searle Pakistan Ltd has announced that it is acquiring OBS Pakistan Ltd. The acquisition will strengthen the Searle’s portfolio enabling the company to bring research molecules in the Pakistani pharmaceutical market, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Is Getz Pharma Pakistani company?

We are the only company whose manufacturing facility, in Pakistan, is approved by the World Health Organization, Geneva (WHO). Our Quality Control Laboratory is also the first and only in Pakistan to have been Pre-qualified and approved by WHO.

Is OBS pharma multinational?

OBS Pakistan Ltd is a strategic pharmaceutical organisation comprising of global multinational pharmaceutical companies like Organon, Merck & Co Inc USA, Schering Plough, Santen Japan and Vifor Switzerland. Its international brands are well established in Pakistan.

Who is the Searle family?

Searle & Co from 1970 to 1977, and as its Chairman from 1977 until its merger with Monsanto in 1985. (G.D. Searle is now a subsidiary of Pfizer)….

Daniel C. Searle
Children D. Gideon Searle Michael Searle Anne Bent Searle
Parent(s) John Gideon Searle
Relatives Gideon Daniel Searle (paternal great-grandfather)

Is Searle a male or female name?

Name Searle is of French origin and is a Boy name.

Is Getz Pharma good?

Getz pharma is a good company but no job security then thread for job. Getz pharma is a good company but no job security then thread for job. good atmosphare but no properle understandin between other collegs but over all is good.

What is OBS in medical?

Abbreviation for organic brain syndrome.

What does OBS mean hospital?

Many conditions once treated during an “inpatient” hospital stay are currently treated during an “observation” stay (OBS). Although the care remains the same, physician billing is different and requires close attention to admission details for effective charge capture.

What does surname Searle mean?

English: from the Norman personal name Serlo, Germanic Sarilo, Serilo. This was probably originally a byname cognate with Old Norse Sorli, and akin to Old English searu ‘armor’, meaning perhaps ‘defender’, ‘protector’.