What is RC car torque?

What is RC car torque?

torque is proportional to current(A)- measure current at load and multiply by motor torque constant. 2. see above- maximum current (in this instance provided by manufacturer, 140A) coincides with peak torque. for BLDC, this is 0 rpm.

How much horsepower does a RC car have?

A full tank runs the engine for about 10 minutes (standard for high-power nitro cars), and it’s refueled from a squeeze bottle. Engine: The single-cylinder, 3.4cc engine provides 1.8 horsepower, enough to send the 6.2-pound car up to 45 mph in a few seconds.

Are Brushless RC Motors faster?

Yes. They are more efficient and will run longer.

How does RC gearing work?

The pinion gear is attached to the motor’s output shaft while the spur gear is attached to an output shaft on the transmission. Changing these gears alters the ‘gear ratio’; a higher ratio equals more torque and acceleration but less top speed while a lower ratio equals less torque and a higher top speed.

How much torque does a 2 hp electric motor have?

Electric motor output power and torque vs. rotation speed.

Power Motor Speed (rpm)
1.5 1.1 21.4
2 1.5 28.5
3 2.2 42.7

Does higher Kv mean more power?

Kv describes the RPM (revolutions per minute) a motor does per Volt that is put into it. Generally speaking the more Kv a motor has, the more RPM and more power. For example, a 9000Kv motor would be faster than a 2200Kv motor. If Kv is like horsepower, then Turns is the physical attribute of a motor.

How can I increase the speed of my remote control car?

12 Ways to Speed Up Your RC Car

  1. Make it Lighter. Weight is a big deal when it comes to the mobility of RC cars.
  2. Consider Changing the Tires.
  3. Get Another Pinion Gear.
  4. Get Another Battery Pack.
  5. Have the Motor Changed.
  6. Adjust Motor Timing.
  7. Change Bearings.
  8. Use Grease Instead of Oil.

What makes an RC car go faster?

You can make small changes to your RC car to make it run faster. Changing the wheels, adjusting the gear ratio, and upgrading the motor and batteries are all great ways of making your RC car run faster.

Is a bigger pinion gear faster?

A bigger pinion or smaller spur gear makes the vehicle have more top speed, at a decrease in acceleration. It’s most likely that gearing up will make everything run a bit hotter, and shorten run times. A smaller pinion or larger spur gear has the opposite effect.

What is the torque of 0.5 HP motor?

Standard Designs Of Torque Motors (Motors for winding) Available From Mark Elektriks

3 0.37/0.5 0.25 KG-M
4 0.75/1.0 0.5 KG-M
5 0.75/1.0 0.9 KG-M
6 1.1/1.5 0.75 KG-M