What is Kongming?

What is Kongming?

Kong Ming or Kongming may refer to: Zhuge Liang, a Three Kingdoms strategist whose Chinese style name is Kongming. Kong Ming (Water Margin), a fictional character in the Water Margin.

What did Zhuge Liang invent?

A mechanical and mathematical genius, Zhuge is credited with inventing a bow for shooting several arrows at once and with perfecting the Eight Dispositions, a series of military tactics.

What is Zhuge Liang famous for?

Like Quan Yu and Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang is famous in China’s history. He was one of the key rulers in the kingdom of Shu Han that was founded by Liu Bei when the Eastern Han Empire (AD 25-220) fell in 220. He had the responsibility for plotting strategy in the dangerous era on behalf of Liu Bei and his son.

Who is Kongming in Honkai?

Voice Actor. Zhuge Kongming is Theresa Apocalypse’s Starlit Astrologos Battlesuit in the events Honkai Kingdoms, Odd Drifter, Honkai Kingdoms ZERO and The Day You and The Stars Disappeared.

Is herrscher of reason good?

Herrscher of Reason is currently the best Valkyrie in the game; she can go up against mobs and bosses from Memorial Arena, Dirac Sea, and Q-Singularis. She comes with strong bursts of damage, protection, self-healing, and built-in durability.

Who saved Liu Bei son?

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms It was said that Zhao Yun went to save Liu Bei’s infant son, Liu Chan, and he had to fight all the way back to Liu Bei’s camp.

Is Zhuge Liang in Puzzle&Dragons?

Zhuge Liang appears in at least two forms in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons . Zhuge Liang appears as a summonable Pseudo-Servant in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, with most of his skills portraying him as a skilled tactician.

How did Zhuge Liang react to Sun Quan’s treason?

However Zhuge Liang commented that Shu-Wu alliance was still necessary, hence Sun Quan’s “treachery” could be temporarily left aside. A Shu Han emissary was sent to congratulate Sun Quan and strengthen the relationship between two allies.

Did Du Fu compare himself to Zhuge Liang?

A poem by Du Fu, a prolific Tang dynasty poet, was written in memory of Zhuge Liang whose legacy of unwavering dedication seems to have been forgotten in Du Fu’s generation (judging by the description of Zhuge Liang’ unkept temple). Some historians believe that Du Fu had compared himself with Zhuge Liang in the poem. The full text is:

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Zhuge Liang?

This misconception is based on a record attributing improvements to the multiple bolt crossbows to him. Zhuge Liang is also credited with constructing the Stone Sentinel Maze, an array of stone piles that is said to produce supernatural phenomena, located near Baidicheng.