What is Doti famous for?

What is Doti famous for?

History. Doti was an ancient kingdom in far western region of Kumaon which was formed after the disintegration of the Katyuri Kingdom of Kumaon around the 13th century. Doti was one of eight different princely states Katyuri Kingdom was divided into Eight for their eight Prince and became different independent Kingdom.

Which zone is Doti?

Doti District is a district of Seti Zone, administrative headquarters of Doti district is Dipayal, situated in Western Development Region of Nepal.

Which province is Doti?

Sudurpashchim Province
Doti District

Doti District डोटी जिल्ला
Country Nepal
Province Sudurpashchim Province
Admin HQ. Silgadhi

How many Municipality are there in Doti?

Geopolitically, Doti is administratively divided into 2 municipalities and 7 rural municipalities. The total area of Doti is 2,025 sq km.

What is the meaning of Doti?


Acronym Definition
DOTI Dead on the Inside (Slipknot song)
DOTI Diamonds on the Inside (Ben Harper album)
DOTI Director Of Operations, Training, & Intelligence
DOTI Dictionary of Occupational Titles (book)

What is the headquarter of Darchula?

Darchula District

Darchula District of nepal दार्चुला जिल्ला
Country Nepal
Province Sudurpashchim Province
Established 1962
Admin HQ. Khalanga (Mahakali Municipality)

What is the percentage of Doteli in Nepal?

Of these, 90.1% spoke Doteli, 7.4% Nepali and 1.0% Magar as their first language. The largest ethnic group is Khas/ Chhetri make 56% of total population, Khas/ Thakuri makes 14% of population.

Is Dotiyali a Nepali language?

However, in Nepal it is considered as a Nepali dialect; though Local intellectuals and people of Doti, those who are speaking Dotiyali language that they are increasingly demanding their language to be recognized as one of the national language of Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census, Doti District had a population of 211,746.

How many municipalities are there in Doti District?

The district consists of nine municipalities, out of which two are urban municipalities and seven are rural municipalities. These are as follows: Prior to the restructuring of the district, Doti District consisted of the following Village development committees :

What is the history of Doti in India?

Ancient Doti was a part of Kumaon Kingdom, Now remaining Kumaon region is part of Uttrakhand a state in modern-day india, Nepal’s neighboring country. Kingdom of Kumaon lost Doti during the expansion of Nepal Kingdom in 1790. It was formed after the Katyuri Kingdom’s disintegration during the 13th century.