What is considered a basket rack buck?

What is considered a basket rack buck?

Registered. basically a 1.5 y/o deer with 8 or more points, but has very little spread.

What is a basket 8?

Because there are so many bigger bucks out there now, a “basket eight” is a “ho-hum” deer to many. Some Pennsylvania hunters still gripe about antler restrictions.

What do the points on a deer rack mean?

A buck is a male deer, and in hunting terminology, the points on a buck are the individual tines of the buck’s antlers. Generally speaking, the more points a buck has, the more prestige for the hunter who manages to kill him.

How do you count points on a buck’s rack?


  1. Add the total length of both main beams.
  2. Add the total length of all the points.
  3. Add total length of four circumference measurements.
  4. Add the spread credit.
  5. Subtract the total number of inches of all abnormal points on a typical rack.

How old is a small 8 point buck?

Nearly all bucks with superior genetics and adequate nutrition have eight or more points when 2 years old. Bucks with inferior antler genetics may never have more than seven points, even when mature.

Is a 6 point buck good?

By all means shoot the first legal buck you see. Hopefully it’s a big 8- or 10-point, but if it’s a small 6 or even a spike that’s okay. Killing that deer will take your mind off things for a bit and make you happy. You’re a new hunter of the COVID era, and this is your first or second deer season.

Is a 10 point buck good?

Good bucks will have at least seven or eight inch second points. Outstanding animals may have G-2’s 9-11 inches long. The third point may be shorter or longer than the second, but it too should be eight inches or longer on an outstanding buck.

Is a 6 point deer good?

What is a good spread on a deer?

The average buck, with his ears in an alert position, has an ear tip-to-tip spread of 16 inches. His ears will measures six inches from the base to the tip. The circumference of his eye is four inches, and from the center of the eye to the end of his nose should measure about eight inches.

How old is a deer with 6 points?

Brett, The “old 6 point” is a deer that nearly every property has had sometime in the past or will in the future. They are the deer that are always joked about sitting around the campfire during hunting season. On my property I have set my harvest standards to focus on bucks that are 4.5 years old or older.

How old would a 6 point buck be?

about 13 to 14 inches for yearling and 2.5-year-old bucks and about 15 inches on bucks 3.5 years old and older. extending to the tip of the nose are generally 20 or more inches in length. yearling bucks can produce 6, 8, or even 10 antler points (see above).