What is Congenital pendular nystagmus?

What is Congenital pendular nystagmus?

Congenital nystagmus occurs in humans as an inherited functional abnormality or secondary to congenital lesions in the visual system of the infant. The nystagmus is usually pendular. Similar nystagmus has been described in dogs.

Does albinism cause rapid eye movement?

Vision impairment is a key feature of all types of albinism. Eye problems and issues may include: Rapid, involuntary back-and-forth movement of the eyes (nystagmus) Head movements, such as bobbing or tilting the head, to try to reduce the involuntary eye movements and see better.

Why do albino people’s eyes shake?

Nystagmus (the back and forth movement of the eyes) as well as the lack of pigment in the iris and the retina are also contributing factors to our reduced vision, although to a lesser degree. The easiest way to understand how the lack of cones affects the vision of people with albinism is to turn on your television.

What does pendular nystagmus look like?

Pendular nystagmus refers to the waveform of an involuntary eye movement. In pendular nystagmus the eye moves in sinusoidal trajectory, similar to that of a pendulum. Pendular nystagmus generally does not have a “fast phase” including a saccade, but is composed entirely of slow eye movements.

Can you have mild albinism?

OCA type 2 is characterized by minimal to moderate pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes, as well as eye problems similar to those associated with OCA type 1. OCA type 3 is sometimes difficult to identify based on appearance alone. It’s most noticeable when a very light-skinned child is born to dark-skinned parents.

What is the rarest type of albinism?

General Discussion. Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a group of rare inherited disorders characterized by a reduction or complete lack of melanin pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.

What is the definition of pendular?

Definition of pendular : being or resembling the movement of a pendulum.

What is the other term of pendular movement?

motility, motion, move.

How common is horizontal pendular nystagmus in albinism?

Horizontal Pendular Nystagmus in a Patient with Ocular Albinism. It occurs in approximately 1 in 50,000 people in the United States. Ocular albinism differs from oculocutaneous albinism (classic albinism) in that it mainly affects the eyes, with minimal skin involvement, whereas the latter disorder affects both the eyes and the skin.

What causes pendular nystagmus in multiple sclerosis?

Their findings suggest that, in multiple sclerosis, the pendular nystagmus arises from an instability in the feedback control of the neural integrator. One of the most studied and frequently seen of the acquired oscillations is gaze-evoked nystagmus.

What does X-linked ocular albinism look like in males?

Males with X-linked ocular albinism tend to have lighter skin and lighter hair than their unaffected brothers and sisters. Some of them will also have blotchy skin changes with relative hyper- and hypo- pigmentation.

What is the difference between jerk nystagmus and pendular?

When the eyes oscillate like a sine wave, it is called pendular nystagmus (Figure 2a). If the nystagmus consists of drifts in one direction with corrective fast phases, it is called jerk nystagmus (Figure 2b-d).