What is barrel oil equivalent?

What is barrel oil equivalent?

One barrel of oil is generally deemed to have the same amount of energy content as 6,000 cubic feet of natural gas. So this quantity of natural gas is “equivalent” to one barrel of oil.

How much crude is in a barrel?

42 gallons
A standard U.S. barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil which yields about 44 gallons of petroleum products. The additional 2 gallons of petroleum products come from refiner gains which result in an additional 6% of product.

How many barrels of oil are in a million?

In 2020, the United States consumed 20.54 million barrels of oil daily. In the period of consideration, figures increased by around nine percent, peaking at 20.8 million barrels of oil daily in 2005.

How many gallons is 60 million barrels?

* 60 million — the number of standard sized American bath tubs that the oil could fill, based on an average size of 42 gallons.

What volume is a barrel of oil?

The volume of one barrel of crude oil is 42 gallons.

How much oil is in a drum?

42 US gallons
Many drums nominally measure just under 880 millimetres (35 in) tall with a diameter just under 610 millimetres (24 in), and have a common nominal volume of 208 litres (55 US gal) whereas the barrel volume of crude oil is 42 US gallons (159 L).

Why is oil barrel 42 gallons?

Soon after America’s first commercial oil well of 1859, a small group met in northwestern Pennsylvania and decided a 42-gallon barrel was best for transporting their oil. When filled with oil instead of fish or other commodities, a 42-gallon “tierce” weighed 300 pounds.

Why is a barrel a unit of oil volume?

The main reason is that the US measures it in barrels (one barrel is the equivalent of 42 gallons) and that has become the “normal” way that oil is talked about. To understand its origins we need to look back to the 1860’s early oil fields in Pennsylvania USA. The first oil that was pumped wasn’t stored in barrels.

How do you calculate the volume of a half barrel?

Use the following formula for the total volume of a barrel:

  1. volume = h × π × ((2 × r22) + r12) 3.
  2. To get the total volume in cubic feet, convert from cubic inches using the formula ft3 = in3 × 0.000578704.
  3. Gallons can be found using the cubic feet to gallons formula:
  4. gallons = h × π × ((2 × r22) + r12) 3 × 7.480507.

How much does a barrel of crude oil weigh?

around 300 pounds
The volume of a barrel of oil is quite specific and equal to about 35 imperial gallons (42 US gallons, about 159 liters). A barrel of oil is also significantly heavy. Since average domestic crude oil weighs about 7.21 pounds per gallon, a barrel of oil weighs around 300 pounds or about 136 kilograms.