What is acousto-magnetic systems?

What is acousto-magnetic systems?

An acousto-magnetic system is an RFID system for electronic article surveillance (EAS) and usually works at frequencies between 58 kHz and 132 kHz. The acousto-magnetic systems and the radiofrequency systems are the most commonly used article surveillance systems.

How do acousto-magnetic tags work?

Acousto-magnetic systems These are similar to magnetic tags in that they are made of two strips: a strip of magnetostrictive, ferromagnetic amorphous metal and a strip of a magnetically semi-hard metallic strip, which is used as a biasing magnet (to increase signal strength) and to allow deactivation.

How does EAS system work?

EAS systems work by attaching an electronic device, called a “tag” or “label”, to the displayed merchandise. If merchandise bearing the electronic device passes by an antenna installed at the store entrance/exit, an alarm sounds alerting your staff that unpaid merchandise is leaving the store.

How do anti shoplifting devices work?

The detection system will sound an alarm or alert the staff of theft when active tags pass by. They are sensor-based using a combination of radiofrequency, electromagnetic technology, sensors, metal detectors and connect to software that controls alarm sensitivity, volume, and duration.

What triggers store alarms?

By attaching security tags to your products, retailers can trigger off an alarm if a shoplifter walks out with a product with the tag still on through the electronic sensors at the exit gates. There are many types of EAS devices you can use like tags, labels, antennas, spider tags and more.

What kind of magnets take off security tags?

You can use a hard drive magnet or a rare earth magnet since most tags are deactivated in stores with electromagnetic devices. Place the dome side of the tag against the magnet. Pull the magnet away from the tag. The two parts of the tag should separate.

How do you demagnetize anti theft strips?

To deactivate the magnetic security strip, all that need be done is to magnetize the strip along its length. This can be done by applying a sufficiently strong magnetic field along the length of the strip.

Do supermarkets know if you steal?

As I mentioned, security scanners are not common in grocery stores. So, unfortunately, that means there isn’t always an easy or quick way to know if something was stolen. Every item is accounted for during inventory. Grocery stores know that they can’t prevent every theft, but they can count their losses.