What is a word for easily manipulated?

What is a word for easily manipulated?

docile, flexible, limber, malleable, manageable, pliant, spongy, supple, compliant, ductile, easy, impressionable, lithe, moldable, obedient, plastic, putty, receptive, responsive, submissive.

What is a word for someone who is manipulated?

Manipulative synonyms In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for manipulative, like: devious, duplicitous, narcissistic, , machiavellian, egocentric and sadistic.

What does it mean to feel manipulated?

“When you are being manipulated by someone you are being psychologically coerced into doing something you probably don’t really want to do,” she says. You might feel scared to do it, obligated to do it, or guilty about not doing it.

What is it called when someone is easily persuaded?

impressionable Add to list Share. Someone who is impressionable is easily influenced.

What’s it called when your easily persuaded?

Gullible – Easily persuaded to believe something.

How can you tell if someone is easily manipulated?

Here are 10 ways to tell if a friend or loved one is trying to manipulate you.

  1. They tend to play on your emotions.
  2. You notice they get frustrated or impatient very easily.
  3. They’re always the one to make the plans.
  4. They don’t listen; they wait for you to be done talking.
  5. They’re intellectual bullies.

What does it mean to be easily manipulated?

Adjective. Characterized by obedience, subservience, or readiness to accept instruction or direction. docile. compliant. submissive.

What type of person is a manipulator?

Manipulative people can play the victim, making you seem to be the one who caused a problem which they began but won’t take responsibility for. They can be passive-aggressive or nice one minute and standoffish the next, to keep you guessing and to prey on your fears and insecurities. They often make you defensive.

What does it mean to be easily swayed?

Swaying is usually a gentle motion, but if you’re easily swayed, you’re in trouble. That means you’re easily influenced by others. People of power often “hold sway” over their followers, controlling them with the seeming ease of the breeze.

What does it mean if you are easily influenced?

(to be) easily-influenced: (to be) impressionable, easy to convince or affect.

Why do I get easily influenced?

Excess of empathy and lack of understanding. Those are main reasons for you to feel influenced by other people, more than lack of self confidence, in fact. If you feel this is your situation you could : Avoid contact with evil people.

Which types of people can be easily manipulated?

The type of people who can be manipulated are those who don’t recognize the hidden aggression manipulators use to get what they want. They may sound polite but will project aggression so subtly only your subconscious will pick it up.

Why are people so easy to manipulate?

Largely because they look cool and modern, and that sells. Automakers routinely advertise the number and size of screens in their new vehicles, competing with high-profile electric vehicles. When was the last time an auto commercial lingered on the volume dial, or focused on precise control of fan speed?

What are the signs of a manipulative person?

Have you ever felt like things were too good to be true with the person you’re outline the love-bomb signs to look for in any relationship. Because you definitely don’t want your heart mixed up in one of these highly manipulative situations.

Why are some people so manipulative?

The following are some psychological reasons that could make someone become so manipulative: Low self-confidence: Confident people communicate with others openly because they feel at home, welcomed and accepted when dealing with others.