What is a wedge car hauler?

What is a wedge car hauler?

53 or 48 foot, Wedge, 3 Car Hauler The Sun Country Trailers Wedge is the perfect car hauler for moving small loads. Ideal for the Owner/Operator with a bed on a 1 ton truck or larger. The wedge shape of this car hauler provides the clearance necessary to miss the sides of the bed as well as the tailgate.

How much does a 4 car wedge trailer weigh?

Approx 7,000 to 9,000lbs
53 or 48 foot, Wedge, 4 Car Hauler

Axels 7,000 lb Heavy Duty Axels w/ Torsion Suspension (Optional Heavy Duty 10,000 lb Tandem Dual with Spring Suspension & Electric Brake or Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes with On-Board Actuator)
Weight Approx 7,000 to 9,000lbs
Wheels / Tires 235/85R/16 10-PLY

How much does a Kaufman 2 car hauler weight?

Two Car Trailer – 14,000 GVWR / 34 ft. Two 7,000 lb.

How much does a 2 car gooseneck trailer weigh?

How Much Does a Gooseneck Trailer Weigh? The smallest size of gooseneck trailer, for example, 7×18, weighs 3,000 pounds when it’s empty and has a payload capacity of 7,000 pounds. A much larger gooseneck trailer, for example, 8.5×40, weighs 5,000 pounds empty and has a payload capacity of 16,000 pounds.

How do you haul two cars at once?

Towing Two Cars At Once: What Are Your Options?

  1. Rent a Ramp Carrier Truck. Renting a truck that can carry a car inside is one option.
  2. Rent a Multi-Car Carrier Trailer. In certain locations, actual car carrier trailers may be available for rent as well.
  3. Hire a Transport Service.
  4. Attach a Car Dolly to One Vehicle.

What is a good size for a car trailer?

A 16-foot trailer is an excellent compromise between accommodating most cars, and not being unwieldy to tow. Flatbed trailers are most commonly 16-20 feet long, and enclosed trailers are most apt to fall in the range of 20-24 feet. More important than length is the total load capacity.

How much does a 14k gooseneck trailer weigh?


G.V.W.R. 14,000 lbs
Empty Trailer Weight 4,700lbs (20′ trailer with no additional options)
Net Payload Capacity 9,300lbs (20′ trailer with no additional options)
Axles Dual 7,000 lb Direct Lube 8 lug (electric brakes on both axles)
Suspension Heavy Duty Slipper Spring Suspension

Why choose gooseneck wedge deck open automotive aluminum trailers?

The long list of standard features for Gooseneck Wedge Deck Open Automotive Aluminum Trailers includes a large storage area underneath the auto deck. Weight, artistry, and lifetime value all add up to more satisfaction with your custom built trailers.

What is a gooseneck car trailer?

The trailer of choice of NASCAR teams, this gooseneck car trailer is tested and engineered for a smooth tow, extreme durability and a lighter weight. The full height and width ramp makes loading and unloading extra easy.

How many vehicles can the 3150 wedge trailer hold?

Four stainless steel swivel D tie downs keep your cargo secure, and so does a skid-resistant, durable aluminum floor! The Model 3150 wedge car trailer can transport up to 3 vehicles and is ideal for use by trailer and car dealerships and other commercial haulers.

How many axles does a gooseneck trailer have?

The gooseneck is 8 in. channel. This trailer is available with 2 – 7,000 lb. axles OR 3 – 7,000 lb. axles. A heavy duty slipper spring suspension and radial tires provide a long lasting and durable running gear. D-ring tie-downs, a tool tray with lockable lid, and an adjustable 2 5/16 in. gooseneck coupler are all included.