What is a Chrysler Valiant worth?

What is a Chrysler Valiant worth?

Chrysler Valiant Pricing and Specs | Change vehicle. 1981 price from. $1,800 * The Chrysler Valiant is available from $1,800 to $4,070 for the 1981 range of models in Wagon and Sedan body types.

Is a valiant a Mopar?

For the 1962 model year, the Valiant returned without Plymouth branding but was sold only in Plymouth Chrysler, Chrysler Dodge, or the rare standalone Plymouth dealerships….First generation (1960–1962)

First generation
Production 1959–1962
Model years 1960–1962

When was the last valiant made?

August 28th, 1981
This car is known by many Aussie mopar enthusiasts. The inscription was on the spray on sound deadening compound on the trunk extension. The CM Valiant was the final chapter for Chrysler Valiants in Australia and on August 28th, 1981 the last Valiant rolled off the assembly line.

What year is a ve Valiant?

The Chrysler VE Valiant is an automobile that was produced in Australia by Chrysler Australia from 1967 to 1969….Chrysler Valiant (VE)

Chrysler VE Valiant
Production October 1967 – February 1969
Assembly Tonsley Park, Australia
Body and chassis

How much is a Valiant Pacer worth?

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*Private Price Guide $28,800 – $36,500
*Trade In Price Guide $23,300 – $31,000
*Price When New $3,026* Price Guide (EGC)

What years did Plymouth make the Valiant?

Anyway, in approximately 99.895 percent of these circumstances, these nostalgic speakers will refer to the Plymouth Valiant. Of course, Valiants were Plymouths from 1961 through 1976—but not in the nameplate’s inaugural year of 1960.

How much does a valiant weigh?

Chrysler Valiant (CM)

Chrysler CM Valiant
Height 55.4 inches (1407 mm) (Sedan)
Curb weight 3368 lb (1528 kg) (Sedan)
Predecessor Chrysler CL Valiant

How much is a AP6 Valiant worth?

| Buyer’s Guide: 1965 Chrysler Valiant Wayfarer AP6 Less than $10,000 will buy a base-model sedan or wagon in usable condition. Regals in fair condition begin at $15,000 and will run to double that amount if a car is a quality original or recent restoration.

What year is the S Series Valiant?

In March of 1962, Chrysler introduced the new ‘S’ Series Valiant. The S Series were basically a twin of the R Series with outward cosmetic changes distinguishing it at a distance. Gone was the fake wheel mould on the boot lid, replaced by a neat chromed emblem bearing the word “VALIANT”.

Who has won more races Ford or Holden?

In 2013, V8 Supercars’ rules changed and other marques began to enter the race, including the return of past winners Nissan. Holden has the most overall victories with 34, with Ford next best on 21 and Nissan the only other multiple winner with two.

How many AP6 V8 were made?

Chrysler Valiant AP6
Power: 180 bhp / 135 kw (V8)
Transmission: 3 spd. man / 3 spd. “TorqueFlite” auto
Top Speed: 109 mph / 175 km/h (V8)
Number Built: 43,344

What is the difference between a Chrysler and a Valiant Regal?

The CL series Regal was marketed as the Chrysler Regal, in contrast to the Valiant Regal name used from the AP5 series through to the recently superseded VK Series. The CL series was the last to include a Charger model, which — like the previous VK model — was badged and sold as a Chrysler, not as a Valiant submodel.

What happened to the Valiant Regal SE?

The Regal SE was the first car to be assembled in the country with standard air conditioning. This was the last Valiant to be exported to European markets, such as the UK, being replaced by the Talbot Tagora there.

What kind of tail lights did the Valiant Regal have?

The VK Valiant Regal featured a “grille within a grille”. The Ranger sedan, Regal sedan, and Charger all now shared the same tail-light treatment, using a horizontal layout with four chrome contours to keep air flow away and keep the lenses clean.

Where can I find media related to Chrysler LeBaron?

Detroit, MI: Ward’s Communications, Inc. p. 86. ISBN 0910589007. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Chrysler LeBaron. LeBaron.de – German Forum, Gallery, KnowHow…