What is a 360-degree camera?

What is a 360-degree camera?

Error! As the name implies, a 360-degree camera captures the entire world around it. They were a hot ticket item for a short time, with dozens of models available, including add-ons for trendy smartphones. The height of the 360-degree phase has passed, but there are still quality options on the market.

How do I get support for my Samsung 360 camera?

You can also register your product to gain access to Samsung’s world-class customer support. Check out our support resources for your 360 Cameras to find manuals, specs, features, and FAQs.

Which 360 camera should you buy for VR?

The waterproof Insta360 One R supports swappable lens modules. You can set it up as a dual-lens 360-degree camera, complete with a color LCD to help you get the camera position set properly. The Vuze XR sports a convertible design. With its lenses folded out it shoots 180-degree footage in 3D, for viewing in VR goggles.

What happened to 360-degree video?

The height of the 360-degree phase has passed, but there are still quality options on the market. The use case has shifted, too—in the early days it was all about delivering spherical video for viewing on VR headsets, which have since found a niche for gaming, not media consumption.

Which Ricoh 360 camera should you buy?

If you need a 360 camera for that purpose — and price is no object — then you should consider the Ricoh Theta Z1. This well-built device uses two 1-inch, backside-illuminated CMOS sensors, which helps deliver some of the best images we’ve seen from a 360 camera, especially under less than ideal conditions.

What is the best 360 CAM for You?

After testing more than a dozen models and evaluating them on video quality, field of view, water resistance, ease of use and other factors, we think the best 360 cam for most people is the Insta360 One X ($399).

Is the semi-pro 360 camera worth it?

Semi-pro 360 camera that has great value for not only price but video quality. At 5.7K resolution, it yields some of the best footage ever seen. It’s not nearly as sleep as its competitors, but at its core, is a solid choice. If you’re looking to shoot more outdoors, be careful as it’s not weather resistant.