What happens to Tea Cake at the end of Chapter 18?

What happens to Tea Cake at the end of Chapter 18?

She grabs the cow’s tail for safety, but the dog begins to attack her. Tea Cake dives to the rescue and wrestles in the water with the beast, who bites him on the cheek before he stabs it to death.

How does Tea Cake get hurt Chapter 18?

As the two struggle to survive the raging current, a rabid dog that is clinging to the cow bites Tea Cake on the cheek. The departure of the Seminoles from the muck foreshadows the arrival of the destructive hurricane.

Who were the saws in Chapter 18?

Since Tea Cake and Janie had friended with the Bahaman workers in the ‘Glades, they, the “Saws,” had been gradually drawn into the American crowd. They quit hiding out to hold their dances when they found that their American friends didn’t laugh at them as they feared.

What happened to Joe Tewwg?

The doctor diagnoses Joe with fatal liver failure. Janie confronts Joe on his deathbed and basically tells him off. She lets out all the frustration she has been holding in these years and tells him how selfish he has been and why she doesn’t love him anymore.

What kind of illness does Tea Cake suffer from?

During a hurricane, Tea Cake is bitten by a rabid dog while attempting to rescue Janie from drowning, and he himself contracts rabies. As his illness progresses, he becomes increasingly paranoid and begins to distrust Janie’s faithfulness.

Why did Janie let Tea Cake hit her?

Although Janie feared that Tea Cake would leave her earlier when he disappeared with her $200, this time her fear is channeled into jealousy. This jealousy causes Janie to provoke a fight with Tea Cake so that he will be forced to remind her of his love for her.

Where was the muck Tewwg?

Janie and Tea Cake move to the Everglades (the “Muck”) in search of work (migrant workers). The term “muck” has a negative connotation as in being some place dirty, poor, low, or garbage-like. However, the “Muck” is where Janie found her happiness. So, for Janie, the “Muck” represents heaven and freedom.

Who shot Tea Cake?

As the three clicks come and go, Janie whips out a rifle to protect herself. Janie recognizes that Tea Cake is no longer Tea Cake; her husband has been taken over by the fiendish disease that urges him to kill anything in sight. Janie shoots an instant before Tea Cake does.

Who is Tea Cake jealous of?

One day, an overweight girl named Nunkie attempts to make a play for Tea Cake, and Janie is instantly jealous. Tea Cake goes through the motions of trying to resist the young girl, and Janie chases her away. When Tea Cake tries to talk to Janie, she hits him.

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