What happened to Tom and Ray Magliozzi?

What happened to Tom and Ray Magliozzi?

Tom Magliozzi, one of public radio’s most popular personalities, died on Monday of complications from Alzheimer’s disease. He was 77 years old. Tom and his brother, Ray, became famous as “Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers” on the weekly NPR show Car Talk.

When did Car Talk begin?

Car Talk launched as a local show on WBUR in 1977, with brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Cambridge behind the microphones. A decade later, the show went national and became an enormous and enduring hit for NPR.

Who does the radio commercial for eBay Motors?

The films star three eBay Motors contributors: J Shia, a custom motorcycle builder; Daniel Soliz, a YouTube mechanic; and Kimatni Rawlins, an expert on wheels. Radio spots for the campaign are voiced by Ray Magliozzi, co-host of NPR’s iconic Car Talk Radio show.

What year did Car Talk start?

Who are the click and Clack brothers from Car Talk?

Today we’re remembering one-half of Car Talk ‘s “Click and Clack” brothers, Tom Magliozz i. The radio host is known for delivering auto advice with his brother, and for his contagious cackle that was heard loudest when the pair presented the “credits” at the end of their hour-long show. Adopted Son from Sweden: Bjorn A. Payne Diaz

Who was the original host of click and Clack?

It was hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, known also as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers. The show won a Peabody Award in 1992. The show ran from 1977 until October 2012, when the Magliozzi brothers retired.

What happened to click and Clack on NPR?

Despite their claims to have “wasted an hour of your weekend,” Click and Clack changed the face of NPR and brought car maintenance to the average listener. Melanie Reiff is an editor and writer from Los Angeles, California. With a background in education, she enjoys helping people solve problems through storytelling.