What happened to deserters in Vietnam War?

What happened to deserters in Vietnam War?

During the Vietnam War, 503,926 desertions occurred in the United States military. Most deserted in the United States, but some fled to other countries. During the war American servicemen were often stationed in or took retreats to Japan, and had trouble deserting while there due to the language barrier.

Who was the last POW in Vietnam?

Often cited as the last verified American POW from the Vietnam War, Garwood was taken to North Vietnam in 1969, and reportedly was released in 1973 along with the other U.S. POWs as part of the Paris Peace Accords. However, he did not return to the United States until March 22, 1979.

Where did Altantuya died?

Shah Alam, MalaysiaShaariibuugiin Altantuyaa / Place of death

Was Olof Palme vulnerable to political violence?

ISBN 0-275-93188-9 “Olof Palme was perhaps the most ‘presidential’ Scandinavian leader in recent decades, a fact that may have made him vulnerable to political violence.” ^ Kari Sable. “Olof Palme Unsolved Case”. Kari Sable website. Retrieved 3 February 2015.

Was Olof Palme a CIA agent?

The book is the thinly disguised story of events leading to the assassination of Olof Palme. The book has Palme as having been a CIA agent in his days of student politics. Palme is mistakenly assumed by the American journalist who is killed at the start of the book to have later turned to work for the Soviets.

How many articles by Olof Palme have been preserved?

Approximately 600 articles by Olof Palme have been preserved in his archives either in the form of manuscripts and/or as a copy of the newspaper/magazine his article was published in, sometimes only as a cutting.

How did Olof Palme die?

Christer Pettersson (convicted in 1989, verdict quashed on appeal. On Friday, 28 February 1986, at 23:21 CET (22:21 UTC ), Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, was fatally wounded by a single gunshot while walking home from a cinema with his wife Lisbeth Palme on the central Stockholm street Sveavägen.