What does Zen Planner do?

What does Zen Planner do?

Business Management Software Whether you’re looking to streamline your front desk experience, automate billing or dive into the health of your business with custom reports, we have the tools you need to master your business.

How do I add a family member to Zen Planner?

On the member connect site, navigate to the membership you want purchase for your family member or to the class you want to register them for. Click on the button to sign up for the option you want, then select the radio button to indicate that you are the guardian of the participant.

How do I check in on Zen Planner?

By using the Kiosk Mode on the Staff App, students can log into classes without standing in line. Your staff members can also check them in with the tap of a finger using our Staff App for mobile phones and tablets.

How do I change my Zen Planner password?

Zen Planner support does not have access to your actual password, so the only solution is to be sent a password reset link. The quickest way to accomplish this is for you to go to the studio database login page (http://studio.zenplanner.com), and click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link at the bottom of the login page.

How do I log into my Zen account?

When you have a live Portal account, log in from the main screen with your email address and password, then click Sign in. You will be presented with a page of options which allow you to manage the various products and services you hold with Zen.

What is F45 playbook?

The F45 Playbook gives franchisees 24/7 access to all the information they need to run their studio through a single digital hub for operations support. It includes launch pathways, marketing, administration, accounting, in-studio software applications, education, and F45 instructor support.

How much is Booker a month?

Booker FAQs Booker has 4 different plans: Starter at $129.00 per month. Accelerate at $269.00 per month. Ultimate at $429.00 per month.