What does the French word fun mean?

What does the French word fun mean?

[ˈfʌn ] amusement m ⧫ divertissement m. to have fun s’amuser.

What is avant garde French for?

In French, avant-garde literally means “advance guard.” The term (which also gave us vanguard) originally referred to the part of an army that marched in front.

What is Charo in French?

French. Learn this word. a creep (from charognard (vulture)) m charognard (vulture)

What does avant gardist meaning?

Definition of avant-garde (Entry 1 of 2) : an intelligentsia that develops new or experimental concepts especially in the arts the avant-garde in the film industry. avant-garde.

What is some French slang?

General Everyday Slang (understood throughout the French-speaking world)

  • bouffer (to eat)
  • draguer (to flirt)
  • piquer (to steal)
  • une arnaque (a scam)
  • un truc (a thing)
  • déboussolé (disorientated)

What does Cheb mean in French?

Cheb is French Boy name and meaning of this name is “Love”.

How do you say very fun?

  1. amusing,
  2. delightful,
  3. diverting,
  4. enjoyable,
  5. entertaining,
  6. pleasurable.

How do you tell someone to have fun in French?

-ER Verbs Imperative Mood Conjugations. Verbs which are conjugated like -ER verbs (meaning that in the indicative the tu form ends in -es),such as ouvrir and souffrir,follow the

  • -IR and -RE Verbs Imperative Mood Conjugations.
  • Negative Imperatives.
  • Affirmative Commands.
  • What are some fun activities to do in France?

    France features some spectacular coastlines. From food to sailing and swimming, there are great spots all over France offering fun adventures. Surfing is a sport that has been growing in popularity. The best waves to be found are in the west, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

    What are some fun activities French people do?

    A list of vocabulary to review.

  • Tennis ball
  • Short,sturdy plastic cup,which should be large enough to hold the tennis ball.
  • Box or milk crate
  • Chalk or colored tape.
  • Tape or gum
  • How to say it was fun in French?

    How to say it was fun in French. French Translation. c’était amusant. Find more words! See Also in French. c’était: it was: amusant adjective: amusing, funny, entertaining, enjoyable, humorous: Nearby Translations. it was delicious. it was bound to happen. it was beautiful.