What does Mike Brewer say about Edd China?

What does Mike Brewer say about Edd China?

Edd’s former co-host, our own Mike Brewer said: “Its great to hear Edd is forging ahead with his own show. The fans have been desperate to see him back on their screens. I wish him all the best and I for one, will definitely be tuning in!”

Why did Edd China leave the TV show Wheeler Dealers?

Edd China, the mechanical genius Wheeler Dealers’ beloved mechanic, is leaving the show after 13 years because its new producers apparently want to dumb it down. Replacing him alongside Mike Brewer will be Ant Anstead, who we also like, and who could be a better fit for the changing format.

Is Edd China coming back?

Everyone’s favorite mechanic and vehicle restorer Edd China is back with a new show that’s set to premiere on YouTube. It’s called “Edd China’s Workshop Diaries,” and the first episode airs on April 2. There will be an episode every week thereafter.

What does Ed China do now?

Projects After Wheeler Dealers In April 2021, China launched another YouTube series called Edd China’s Workshop Diaries. So far, China’s new show involves him doing everything from working on classic cars, like a 1966 Ford Mustang, to teaching fans how to make an electric ice cream truck.

What does Edd China do now?

Former Wheeler Dealers mechanic Edd China is launching a new YouTube series called Workshop Diaries as he looks to branch out on his own. The former partner of Used Car Awards host and current Wheeler Dealer front man Mike Brewer will work on a variety of vehicles, just as he did on the popular TV show.

Who is Mike Brewer’s wife?

Michelle BrewerMike Brewer / Wife (m. 1992)

What did Edd China say about Mike Brewer in his latest video?

The public expected there to be a strain on the relationship between Edd China and Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer. In reaction to this, Edd China said in his latest YouTube video: “Is he my favourite person right now? Well, probably not, and I know for sure I’m not his. But that’s okay, we’re adults, we’ll get over ourselves.

Who is Mike Brewer from Edd and Edd?

Mike Brewer being Mike Brewer I guess (a pikie who tarmacs driveways atthe weekend). The show was all about Edd fixing cars, with Brewer ballooning in at the beginnimg and end, where he sold the car for £20 more than he bought it for.

What happened to Mike Brewer’s co-host China China?

As reported by Car Dealer, China has left to pursue other interests while a new co-host for Brewer has been announced in the form of Ant Anstead, who found fame on the Channel 4 programme ‘For the Love of Cars’. Read the story in Mike’s own works on his website MikeBrewerMotoring.com

Who is Mike Brewer?

Mike Brewer is a typical pommie car salesman. Full of shit and loud mouth. We restored my 1956 Chevy here in New Zealand with a complete body off restoration with all brand new floors, parts and everything brand new in 8 weeks.