What does it mean if my chart is a see saw shape?

What does it mean if my chart is a see saw shape?

Seesaw Chart Shape Someone with this chart shape may tend to seesaw with their life following a pattern of two distinctly contrasting alternatives. There can be an enormous amount of instability between the two clusters with so many opposition angles in the chart.

What is a seesaw chart in astrology?

The See-saw Shape. An aspect pattern composed of planets grouped together in two opposing clusters, and where the two sections of the chart on either side of these clusters are empty of planets and at least 60 degrees wide. The see-saw is one of seven major aspect patterns named by Marc Edmund Jones.

What is a bucket chart in astrology?

The Bucket Shape. A horoscope pattern in which all of the planets but one are close together or at least in the same hemisphere, and are opposed by another planet. It is one of the aspect patterns named by Marc Edmund Jones.

What is a Yod in composite chart?

[Below Cut: Friendly Introduction to Yod – Yod in Composite and Synastry ⧊] Friendly Introduction to Yod. For those who don’t know a Yod is like a long isosceles triangle (as opposed to Grand Trine that’s a big equilateral triangle). You’ll have two quincunx (150′) pointing to one placement (apex).

What is a Davison chart?

The Davison chart calculates the midpoint in time between the two birth dates and times and the midpoint in space between the latitudes and longitudes of the two birthplaces. The end result is a complete birth chart describing the merger of two individuals.

What is a grand trine in astrology?

A grand trine forms in a birth chart when three or more planets assemble in a perfect equilateral triangle on the zodiac wheel, mbg’s resident astrologers, The AstroTwins, explain.

What is a synastry reading?

A Synastry Reading Describes An Astrological Relationship Your planets speak to their planets and vice versa. Your planets fall into some of their astrological houses and vice versa. As a result, you may feel one way about someone and they may feel a completely different way about you.

Are YODS rare in astrology?

A Yod in astrology is relatively rare, and can be seen as “fated.” In any chart, an inconjunct/quincunx aspect is a challenge because the zodiac signs involved speak different languages by element, modality and polarity.

How do you understand Yod?

A Yod in astrology is a unique formation between at least three planets. It looks like a tall, thin triangle. A Yod aspect pattern is an equilateral triangle made of two planets in sextile (60 degrees) to each other, with both of them forming an uncomfortable 150-degree quincunx (or inconjunct) angle to a third planet.

What is Golden Yod?

A golden Yod occurs when one planet forms biquintiles (144° aspect) to two others separated by a quintile(72° aspect). Because these aspects are seen as beneficial, the golden yod is seen as beneficial and often as reflecting characteristics acquired by the person whose chart contains it.

What is a see-saw chart?

In the See-Saw chart, the planets are divided into two groups that must be (according to Marc Edmund Jones) at least 60 or 70 degrees apart. There has to be a minimum of two planets in each group (if one “group” has only one planet, you have a funnel horoscope, which is completely different).

What are the characteristics of a see saw?

See-Saw Characteristics. It is a distinctly dualistic shape, an archetype of duality, full of dynamic tension. Within the shape, aspects of the opposition prevail. This shape may indicate certain objectivity, deliberation and a tendency to solve conflicts.

What is a composite chart in astrology?

A Composite Chart is a singular chart you create as a couple when your charts are merged together by calculating the midpoint between each of the matching Points in two charts. What is Synastry Astrology? It is probably easier to show it visually rather than write a lengthy explanation.

What does it mean to have a see-saw shape horoscope?

This shape may indicate certain objectivity, deliberation and a tendency to solve conflicts. People with a see-saw shape horoscope may be good negotiators in conflicts of opposing parties because they want to make sure that the resolution of the conflict is fair for both parties.