What does CE mean in dentistry?

What does CE mean in dentistry?

continuing dental education
Established in 1993, the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) provides ADA members and the dental community a mechanism to select quality continuing dental education (CE) with confidence and promotes the continuous improvement of continuing dental education both nationally and globally.

How many CE credits does a dental assistant in Texas need every year?

CE Requirements A dental assistant must complete six (6) hours of continuing education each year in areas covering dental assistant duties. At least three (3) of these six (6) hours must be clinical continuing education. Up to six (6) hours of CE may be carried forward from the years preceding the renewal period.

What is CE course?

Continuing education are courses that let you develop your knowledge and skills in a specific area. Continuing education courses are offered to adults in the community by local school boards, colleges and universities. These courses can be on everything from web design to philosophy to art appreciation.

How many CE hours do you need for dentist in Texas?

24 hours
In Texas, all active dentists must complete a minimum of 24 hours of appropriate continuing education (CE) biennially (every 2 years).

How many CE hours is RDH in Texas?

Laser education: A dental hygienist must complete no less than twelve hours of in-person continuing education in laser utilization specific to the procedures to be performed by the dental hygienist using the laser….CE Renewal Chart.

CE Renewal Chart Hygienists
Type: Risk-Management (recordkeeping, ethics) Up to 8 hours

How many CE credits do I Need?

Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry to view your transcripts to verify that Texas CE credit is current and has been posted to your CE transcript

  • Pre-licensing Education Transcript Inquiry to view the transcript of an individual who does not have their license yet
  • Course Offerings Inquiry to find available courses.
  • What are CE credits?

    LINCOLN — The Nebraska Women in Agriculture program will offer continuing education credits for veterinary medicine professionals and certified crop advisors during its annual conference

    What core courses are required for a dental degree?

    – Pursues a different course of study. – Meets all University, college, school, and departmental requirements (credits earned for the first degree may be applied, if suitable, toward the second degree). – Completes a minimum of 30 semester hours at Old Dominion University that are beyond the requirements for the first degree.

    What are the best colleges for dentists?

    best practices in nursing education. J Transcult Nurs 2007; 18: 277-285. Gallagher J E, Niven V, Donaldson N, Wilson N H F. Widening access? Characteristics of applicants to medical and dental schools, compared with UCAS. Br Dent J 2009; 207: 433-445.