What does ashima wear in namesake?

What does ashima wear in namesake?

One of the last things Ashima does as she prepares the house for her farewell Christmas party is to wear a bathrobe, a gift from her husband that was picked out by her children.

What does Ashima wear for her final party?

Ashima puts on a robe and continues her preparations before the holiday meal begins. The narrator switches to Gogol’s perspective. For the final time in the novel, he rides the train from New York City to Boston.

What does the overcoat symbolize in the namesake?

In The Namesake, an overcoat is one’s identity, a burden that everyone possesses, and it can reveal or conceal a character’s accurate colours. Each name is an overcoat. Gogol Ganguli, the major protagonist, was named following Nikolai Gogol, the author of the story that saved his father’s life in a massive train wreck.

What do books represent in the namesake?

For Moushumi books represent the life outside of her culture she could have had, and the life she gave up on. Finally, at the end, books bring life back to Gogol’s culture. He had abandoned The Overcoat as he had abandoned his Bengali identity, but at the end he finally returns to it, and home.

What does Ashima represent?

While the other characters don’t show a lot of emotion, Ashima is the one who feels. So it’s through her that we can really come to understand the feelings of alienation, culture shock, and homesickness that many immigrants feel.

Who was supposed to choose Gogol’s name?

When Gogol is five, Ashima learns she is pregnant. Now that Gogol is about to begin kindergarten, his parents finally choose a formal name for him, Nikhil. This name, too, is chosen in honor of Nikolai Gogol, the author of the short story Ashoke was reading during the accident.

How old is Gogol at the end of the namesake?

Gogol is now eighteen and about to attend Yale University, a prestigious school in New Haven, Connecticut. Before doing so, he goes to the courthouse alone and has his name legally changed to Nikhil. His parents begrudgingly accept their son’s decision.

Why is the overcoat famous?

The Overcoat, short story by Nikolay Gogol, published in Russian as “Shinel” in 1842. The Overcoat is perhaps the best-known and most influential short fiction in all of Russian literature. Gogol’s Dead Souls and “The Overcoat” are considered the foundation of 19th-century Russian realism.

Who was supposed to choose Ashima and Ashoke’s baby’s name what happened?

After three days in the hospital, Ashima and the baby are ready to go home, but they must fill out the birth certificate and choose a name before leaving. They name the baby Gogol as an homage to Ashoke’s life-changing accident. The name will be a pet name, they decide, a practice common in India.

What does Ashoke mean in The Namesake?

he who transcends grief
“Ashoke” means “he who transcends grief,” fitting for a man who survived a devastating accident and appreciates both his survival and the birth of his son as miracles (2.21).

How does Gogol differ from Nikhil?

Despite the fact that Nikhil is a Bengali name, and Gogol is an old Russian dude’s last name, Nikhil is the name that, at this point, feels foreign to Gogol. After all, up until this point, he has only really interacted with his family, who has always called him Gogol. It’s the only name he knows.

What does Gogol’s name mean?

Ashoke also has traumatic connection to the train-wreck during which he was reading Gogol. When Gogol asks his father, when he is college, whether the name Gogol reminds Ashoke of nearly dying, Ashoke counters that “Gogol” is for him a name of hope, of joy—of life.

What does The Namesake say about identity?

Gogol engages in a constant struggle to remain loyal to both worlds. Hence, the major theme portrayed in the novel is one of identity. This them is illustrated vividly by examining the importance of one’s culture and background, gender, and name as the definition of patriarchal lineage and destiny in life.

Why doesn’t Ashima call her husband Ashoke?

Ashima notes that she does not use Ashoke’s given name, because that name, in Bengali, has a special, almost sacred resonance. Both Ashima and Ashoke are lovers of literature, Ashima of English poets, Ashoke of Russian authors, especially Gogol.

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