What can you hunt with a coonhound?

What can you hunt with a coonhound?

Although, known for traditionally hunting raccoon these coonhounds can be used to hunt bears, big cats, coyotes, etc. If they can smell the game and are praised for hunting it, they will continue to find it.

What does HTX mean in coon hunting?

Hunt Test Excellence
The title of Hunt Test Excellence is defined as three simple letters, H-T-X. An HTX title signifies that a coonhound has successfully completed three different Hunt Test Evaluations under three separate evaluators.

What is the best dog for coon hunting?

He said that there are six dog breeds in coon-hunting circles: treeing walkers, blueticks, black and tans, Plotts, American English and redbones. “There are good coonhounds in all breeds, but my preference is for treeing walkers,” Ricks said. “They hunt harder, they are faster and I like their looks.

How is coon hunting scored?

There they hunt for one or two hours. The dogs are released and scored like this: The first dog to find the trail of a raccoon and barks is awarded 100 “strike” points. The second dog is awarded 75 strike points, the third 50 strike points, and the last dog is awarded 25 strike points.

What is a cast in coon hunting?

Caged coon- coon placed in a live trap for training. Cast- a group of four handlers and four dogs competing in a nite hunt. Or to turn the dogs out (Cast Out). Catch dog- a dog that is used to catch game on ground.

How do you get a UKC title?

To earn a Championship title, a minimum of 100 Championship points and 3 Competition wins awarded under 3 different judges must be earned. See back for Competition wins. *There must be both a Best Male and a Best Female present to hold and award the Best of Winners class.

How much does a Redbone Coonhound cost?

A Redbone Coonhound puppy will typically cost between $500 and $800 depending on location and the breeder.