What can I do with Level 2 BSL?

What can I do with Level 2 BSL?

The Level 2 Certificate in BSL is suitable for those who:

  • Wish to acquire language skills at an intermediate level to enhance communication with deaf people.
  • Are deaf and wish to gain a qualification in their native language.
  • Are family, friends and colleagues of deaf people.

Is BSL Level 2 an NVQ?

BSL Level Two Certificate or Award, This qualification is offered by iBSL, ABC and Signature exam boards. A pass at Level Two is equivalent to a GCSE 4 – 9 or A* – C, a Level 2 NVQ and the National Language Standards at Level 2.

What jobs can I do with BSL?

We have listed 5 jobs below as a guide to the types of careers you could pursue if you continue studying BSL.

  • Teacher of the Deaf: A Teacher of the Deaf (ToD) uses Sign Language every day.
  • Speech and language therapist:
  • Sign language interpreter:
  • Communication Support Worker:
  • Social worker for the deaf:

Is the course mix accredited?

All the online courses available from The Course Mix contain CPD Certifications, meaning that the award you receive once you finish your online studies will be recognised by employers and institutions across the world.

Are CPD courses legit?

CPD is recognised as accreditation, therefore your accomplishments will be noticed by prospective employers. If you are wanting to complete a CPD training course, there are several organisations that are CPD certified with whom you may carry out your training and receive a certificate of learning.

Are endorsed courses worth it?

Ensure the course is officially certified Certificates from officially verified CPD courses are more credible to both employers and businesses as the learning value has been scrutinised to ensure both integrity and quality.

Is there an app to learn BSL?

You’ve got to love the boffins at Bristol University’s Centre for Deaf Studies. They’ve only gone and created a new app for their website MobileSign, featuring over 4000 signs, which can be accessed using a predictive search engine.