What can a HP Designjet 500 print?

What can a HP Designjet 500 print?

HP Designjet 500/800 Series Printers – What Paper Types Can be Used to Perform a Printhead Alignment

  • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (Bond)
  • HP Coated Paper.
  • HP Heavyweight Coated Paper.
  • HP High-Gloss Photo Paper.
  • HP Satin Poster Paper.
  • Plain Paper.

What kind of ink does HP Designjet 500 use?

Your HP DesignJet 500 printer is designed to work with original HP 82, HP 10 and HP 11 designjet cartridges.

Can HP Designjet 800 print on vinyl?

HP Designjet printers support vinyl substrates, printing crisp, perfect images with clarity and color depth. The key to making the most of a wide-format printer and vinyl combination is choosing the right ink for the process.

Can HP Designjet 500 cut vinyl?

No, you need HP Latex printer to print that material. That is not exactly right. You can use a water based inkjet printer on vinyl. The vinyl itself must have a special coating in order to absorb the ink.. which is not required on latex, uv or solvent based inks.

Can a Designjet print on vinyl?

Can I put vinyl paper in my HP printer?

The Specifications do not vinyl as an option. If you do try to print on the vinyl sticker paper, you would be doing so at your own risk – it may work, it may provide you with an error message (and no print), or it may just jam the printer.

Can a HP Designjet 500 be used for sublimation?

definitely can’t do dye sub on them.

How do I clean the printhead on my HP Designjet 500?

Open the top cover. Open the carriage cover and remove all printheads. Unplug the power cable from the printer. Clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads using a lint-free cloth (such as a coffee filter), lightly dampened with water.

Can I use an HP printer for printable vinyl?

If the vinyl is made for inkjet printers and not too thick, yes, it will work.

Can HP Deskjet printer print on vinyl?

It does not support printing on vinyl.