What areas come under Torfaen?

What areas come under Torfaen?

Torfaen (meaning “breaker of stones”) is an old name for the river – today called Afon Lwyd (“grey river”) – which flows through the county borough from its source north of Blaenavon southward through Abersychan, Pontypool, and Cwmbran. The last three towns mentioned are a contiguous urban area.

What is Torfaen leisure trust?

Torfaen Leisure Trust (TLT) is a not for profit charity focussing on your wellbeing. We manage five Leisure Centres including Cwmbran Stadium, Fairwater Leisure Centre, Pontypool Ski Slope, Bowden Active Living Centre and Pontypool Ski Slope.

Is Torfaen in the valleys?

Torfaen is centred on the urbanized and industrialized valley of the Afon Lywd (formerly called the River Torfaen), and it encompasses the surrounding wooded hills and moorlands.

How big is Torfaen?

48.65 mi²Torfaen Principal Area / Area

Where is Gwent in Wales?

Named after the medieval Welsh Kingdom of Gwent, the modern ceremonial county of Gwent is situated in the south-east corner of Wales, covering part of Breconshire and all of Monmouthshire. Its principal towns are Newport, Monmouth and Abergavenny.

Is Chepstow in Gwent or Monmouthshire?

Chepstow, Welsh Cas Gwent, market town and historic fortress, historic and present county of Monmouthshire (Sir Fynwy), southeastern Wales, on the west bank of the River Wye where it forms the border between England and Wales, near its confluence with the River Severn.

When did Gwent become Monmouthshire?

Monmouthshire (historic)

Monmouthshire Welsh: Sir Fynwy
• Origin Laws in Wales Act 1535
• Created 1535
• Succeeded by Gwent, Mid Glamorgan, South Glamorgan
Status Historic county Ceremonial county (until 1974) Administrative county (1889–1974)

How much is council tax in Torfaen?

The most common Council Tax band in Torfaen is B, and the median Council Tax band is C. The average (mean) Council Tax value in Torfaen is £1,287.06….Council Tax Bands.

Band Amount Properties
Band D £1,405 4,476
Band E £1,717 4,435
Band F £2,029 2,528
Band G £2,341 732

Is Newport still in Gwent?

In 1974, the borough was incorporated into the new local government county of Gwent until Newport became a unitary authority again in 1996. Gwent remains in use for ceremonial functions as a preserved county.

How far is Cardiff from Gwent?

17 miles
The distance between Cardiff and Gwent is 17 miles. The road distance is 22.7 miles.

Is all of Chepstow in Wales?

Chepstow (Welsh: Cas-gwent) is a town and community in Monmouthshire, Wales, adjoining the border with Gloucestershire, England….Chepstow.

Chepstow Welsh: Cas-gwent
Population 12,350
OS grid reference ST535935
Principal area Monmouthshire
Ceremonial county Gwent

Is Chepstow in South Gloucestershire?

Chepstow is a town in south-eastern Monmouthshire, adjoining the border with Gloucestershire. It is located on the River Wye, close to its confluence with the River Severn, and close to the western end of the Severn Bridge on the M48 motorway. It is 16 miles east of Newport and 124 miles west of London.

Is Monmouthshire English or Welsh?

Monmouthshire, Welsh Sir Fynwy, county of southeastern Wales. The present county of Monmouthshire borders England to the east, the River Severn estuary to the south, the county boroughs of Newport, Torfaen, and Blaenau Gwent to the west, and the county of Powys to the north.

Is Cwmbran in Newport or Torfaen?

Cwmbran (/kʊmˈbrɑːn, kuːm-/ kuum-BRAHN, koom-; Welsh: Cwmbrân [kʊmˈbraːn], also in use as an alternative spelling in English) is a town in the county borough of Torfaen in South Wales.

What is Cwmbran like to live in?

It is one of the largest urban areas in Wales and holds a population of around 50,000. Cwmbran has a good shopping quarter, a large selection of supermarkets all situated within walking distance of each other (and the town centre), as well as renowned sports facilities, and lots of places to eat and socialise.

How do I pay Council Tax Torfaen?

You can pay your Council Tax account, Business Rates account or Sundry Debtor invoice by Direct Debit. You can register to pay by Direct Debit or speak to the Torfaen Customer Care Team on 01495 762200.

Who is exempt from paying Council Tax in Wales?

An exemption from Council Tax may arise when a dwelling in Wales which is occupied by one or more ‘care leavers’ and where every resident is either a ‘care leaver’, a ‘relevant person’, or a ‘severely mentally impaired person’.

What does Torfaen Leisure Trust do?

Torfaen Leisure Trust provide a number of junior activities both in and out of the water The Torfaen Leisure Card is available to residents and visitors who wish to access discounted activities and services from Torfaen Leisure Trust Facilities

How many adult education centres are there in Torfaen?

There are 3 Adult Education Centres in Torfaen. Find contact details here There are a number of Community Halls in Torfaen which are available for hire by the public for community group activities, private functions, musical events and sporting activities

Can I rent a community hall in Torfaen?

There are a number of Community Halls in Torfaen which are available for hire by the public for community group activities, private functions, musical events and sporting activities

Where can I find a leisure centre in Pontypool?

Fairwater Leisure Centre – Ty Gwyn Way, Fairwater, Cwmbran NP44 4YZ Pontypool Active Living Centre – Trosnant Street, Pontypool NP4 8AT For further information visit www.torfaenleisuretrust.co.uk