What are gutter diverters?

What are gutter diverters?

Rain diverters are inconspicuous strips of metal that are mainly installed for aesthetic purposes. Some homeowners find gutters to be visually unappealing, so they install rain diverters to divert rainwater toward the gutters. However, rain diverters can serve a more functional purpose as well.

Do gutter diverters work?

Also known as rain barrel diverters, downspout diverters are inserted into your downspouts. They work very similarly to how trains are diverted onto different tracks. Rainwater can travel straight to the drainpipes as normal, or, with a diverter, can be directed to a drain hose that leads into rain barrels.

How do you divert gutter runoff?

The best way to divert water away is with a properly installed downspout extension. Downspout extensions are an add-on to your gutter system that allows water to fall to the ground in a controlled manner.

How do I redirect rain water from my house?

How To Divert Water From The Home

  1. Clean Your Gutters. This task is both simple and free.
  2. Extend Your Downspouts.
  3. Create A Rain Garden.
  4. Install A Rain Barrel.
  5. Seal The Driveway.
  6. Install A French Drain.
  7. Improve The Grading.
  8. Install A Sump Pump.

Is it OK to not have gutters?

What Do Gutters Actually Do? Gutters control the water that hits your roof, directing it into a single flow that moves away from your house. Without gutters, it’s possible that water runoff will build up around your home, getting into your foundation and causing water damage over time.

Are rain diverters a good substitute for gutters?

Rain diverters are not substitutes for gutters. In fact, it’s best to buy rain diverters and gutters together, as this combination will help ensure rainwater runoff does not damage a roof or a home’s foundation. While both fixtures are visually unattractive, they provide proven utility—and serve as trusted safeguards—without costing a lot of money.

What is the best DIY gutter cover for my roof?

Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh, Raptor Gutter Guard: A Contractor-Grade DIY Gutter Cover That fits Any roof or Gutter type-48ft to a Box and fits a 5″ Gutter. . . . . .

What is a rain diverter made of?

This rain diverter is made of industrial aluminum that won’t rust or deteriorate over time. It’s been made specifically for hidden hangers but you can use it with others, including K-style hangars. From the ground, this product is almost invisible so it won’t be an eyesore on your beautiful home.

Are rain diverters a problem in the winter?

Despite rain diverters being considerably problematic in the wintertime, the most common criticism of these fixtures is that they’re an unsightly blemish on a home’s exterior. If a J- or L-shaped diverter is sticking out of a uniformly shingled roof, it will be impossible to miss.