What are determinants of foreign policy?

What are determinants of foreign policy?

The major internal factors that influence the foreign policy are geographical factors, culture and history, economic factors, technology, national capability, leadership, political accountability, bureau of press and bureaucracy.

What are the determinants of India’s foreign policy Upsc?

Determinants of India’s Foreign Policy. The foreign policy of India or any country is shaped by two factors – domestic and international. Domestically, India’s history, culture, geography and economy have played an important role in determining the objectives and principles of India’s foreign policy.

What is the objective of India’s foreign policy for achieving economic development?

In short, our Foreign policy has at least four important goals : 1. to protect India from traditional and non-traditional threats; 2. to create an external environment which is conducive for an inclusive development of India so that the benefits of growth can reach the poorest of the poor in the country; 3. to ensure …

What is the most important factor of foreign policy?

Geography of a state is relatively the most permanent and stable factor of its foreign Policy. The topography of land, its fertility, climate and location are the major geographic factors which influence the Foreign Policy of a nation.

How is India’s foreign policy?

India has friendly relations with several countries in the developing world. Though India is not a part of any major military alliance, it has close strategic and military relationship with most of the fellow major powers.

What is India’s foreign policy?

In recent decades, India has pursued a more expansive foreign policy that encompasses the neighborhood first policy embodied by SAARC as well as the Look East policy to forge more extensive economic and strategic relationships with other East Asian countries.

Which is the following objective of Indian foreign policy?

The important objectives of India’s foreign policy include preservation of national interest, achievement of world peace, disarmament, independence for Afro-Asian nations. These objectives are sought to be achieved through some guiding principles such as Panchsheel, NAM, and others.

What are the principles of Indian foreign policy?

Panchsheel includes the following five principles of foreign policy:

  • Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
  • Non-aggression against each other.
  • Non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.
  • Equality and mutual benefit.
  • Peaceful co-existence.

Who introduced Indian foreign policy?

Nehru developed from Buddhist thought the Panchsheel (also known as the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence), which would be included in future agreements. Nehru based India’s foreign policy on these five principles, as articulated in 1954: coexistence.

On what principle is India’s foreign policy based?

Answer : India’s foreign policy is based on maintaining good relations with countries and respecting international laws.

What are the basic principles of India’s foreign policy discuss in detail?

The five principles of Panchsheel agreement are mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, peaceful co-existing.

What are the determinants of India’s foreign policy?

These determinants have played important role in the formulation of India’s foreign policy also. India has the heritage of an ancient civilization and culture. The foreign policy that India formulated after independence reflected its culture and political tradition.

How did the stagnant economy affect India’s foreign policy?

The stagnant economy at the time of independence profoundly affected India’s foreign policy. The problems of poverty, health, scarcity that was outcome of British imperialism convinced the country of futility of alignments. Instead it chose to welcome assistance from all the countries. After independence India inherited a weak defence system.

What are the factors that affect economic development in India?

Factors Determining Economic Development in India. 1. Population and Manpower Resources: Population is considered as an important determinant of economic growth. In this respect population is 2. Natural Resources and Its Utilization: 3. Capital Formation and Capital Accumulation: 4.

How did India’s foreign policy develop after independence?

The foreign policy that India formulated after independence reflected its culture and political tradition. India’s foreign policy makers had before them the teachings of Kautilya, who had recognized war as an important instrument of power and foreign policy.