Were there Aztecs in Utah?

Were there Aztecs in Utah?

Aztec legend holds that their forefathers migrated to Mexico City from a land to the north – a land of red rocks and four rivers. But just where the Aztec (more accurately the Mexica) homeland was located remains shrouded in myth and mystery.

Is there hidden Aztec gold?

Nearly four decades ago, a construction worker discovered a gigantic bar of gold (opens in new tab) while excavating ahead of construction of a new building in Mexico City. Now, archaeologists have confirmed that this slab of gold was plundered from the Aztecs by Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century.

How much is the Aztec Treasure Worth?

Some scholars believe that the Aztec treasure, also known as Montezuma’s treasure, would be worth over 1 billion dollars in today’s money.

How much is Aztec gold worth?

The melt value of one Aztec Calendar 1 oz Gold Round round is $1849.60 based on the current gold spot price.

Is there Aztec gold in Utah?

KANAB (ABC 4 Utah) – Historians say the richest cache of gold is hidden in southern Utah and that it’s buried deep within its caverns. Hundreds of people have explored land and water to find it but still, to this day, nobody has gotten close to Montezuma’s treasure.

Did they find Aztec treasure in Utah?

After they buried the cache in the desert, the warriors sacrificed their slaves to watch over it for eternity. Cortés and his men scoured the region, but the treasure of Montezuma was—and remains—nowhere to be found.

Where was the treasure found in Utah?

$20,000 treasure from Utah treasure hunt found Organizers John Maxim and David Cline announced the finders of the treasure on Saturday, June 11 on Instagram. The treasure was found by three people, a married couple from Kaysville and the wife’s brother. It was at the North Ogden Divide near Ben Lomond Peak Trail.

Where is the Aztec treasure located?

Montezuma’s treasure is a legendary buried treasure said to be located in the Casa Grande ruins or elsewhere in the southwest United States and Mexico. The legend is one of many treasure stories in American folklore.

Was anything found at Blind Frog Ranch?

Many items have been found on the Utah land at Blind Frog Ranch and one of the latest discoveries on the show was a liquid metal. The team had the metal analysed and concluded that it was gallium.

Has Aztec gold been found in Utah?

Has the Aztec treasure been found?

Did they find Montezuma’s treasure in Utah?

Cortés and his men scoured the region, but the treasure of Montezuma was—and remains—nowhere to be found.

Did the Blind Frog Ranch find Aztec gold?

The residents of Blind Frog Ranch are yet to find any aztec gold on their land but after speaking to an expert, there could potentially be gold on their property that was brought over from Mexico hundreds of years ago.

Is the mystery of Blind Frog Ranch still on?

No, Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch isn’t on tonight. Season 2 of the show premiered on January 7th, 2022 and it usually airs on a Friday. However, the Discovery show isn’t on tonight (March 25th) as season 2 has now ended. The last episode of season 2 aired on March 4th, 2022.

Have they found Montezuma’s treasure in Utah?

What happened to Montezuma’s treasure?

Though Cortés returned with a rebuilt army the next year and conquered the Aztecs for good, the so-called “Montezuma’s Treasure” would remain lost. According to the most popular theory, the riches still rest on the bottom of Lake Texcoco, though many have searched for it there without success.

What was in the box on Blind Frog Ranch?

Bored rocks and liquid metal are found on Blind Frog Ranch Given that bored rocks were found in the cavern box on Blind Frog Ranch, it essentially means that the rocks have been tampered with by people for some reason before being put into the box.

What was found in the rocks at Blind Frog Ranch?

Radioactive rocks are found at Blind Frog Ranch During previous episodes of the show, some artefacts and items have been found including liquid metal, bored rocks and ancient coins. Radioactive rocks were also found.

Has any Aztec gold been found in Utah?

What is the history of Aztec artifacts?

The history of Aztec art and artifacts can be traced back to the classical Mesoamerican civilisations. Major civilisations that influenced the culture of Aztec artifacts include the Olmec, Maya, Toltec, and Zapotec civilisations.

What is the most famous Aztec artifact?

Famous Aztec Artifacts: Fired-clay Mictlantecuhtli Statue. Perhaps the most famous of all Aztec artifacts is the fired-clay Mictlantecuhtli statue which was discovered by the archaeologists in 1994 while exploring the sacred precinct of Tenochtitlan. This figure is almost 6 feet tall and has much of its skin removed and its liver hanging out.

What are the most important artifacts that have been discovered?

We’re going to look at some of the most important artifacts that have been discovered. Exploring the sacred precinct of Tenochtitlan (now downtown Mexico City) in 1994, archaeologists discovered a huge clay statue – almost 2 metres (6 feet) tall. The terrifying figure represented a form with much of its skin ripped off, with a liver hanging out.

Where is the treasure of the Aztecs?

Child believed the treasure is located in a water trap 36 feet below the pond on his property. Some divers were brought in to dive into the cave but after detecting metal at the entrance they said that they saw an apparition of Aztecs guarding the cave.