Should I do a TEFL internship?

Should I do a TEFL internship?

TEFL internships allow a time commitment flexibility that is harder to find with a TEFL job, which tend to fill vacancies for entire school years. So if you are more attracted to short term teaching jobs abroad, an internship (rather than a job) might be a better fit for your goals.

How do I get a TEFL job in Vietnam?

To teach English in Vietnam, visa requirements state that you need to hold a bachelor’s degree and an accredited TEFL certificate showing that you’ve completed at least 120 hours of training – basically, the more training hours you have, the more employable you become.

Which country accepts TEFL?

Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Romania also offer extensive job opportunities. The strongest job markets for Americans teaching English in Europe are Spain, Italy, Germany and Central and Eastern European countries like Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Are English teachers in demand in Vietnam?

DEMAND FOR ENGLISH TEACHERS IN VIETNAM Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest demand for English teachers, which is good. It means that if locals speak English, the country can attract more tourists, businesses from different countries, more jobs for the locals, and competitive economic growth.

How much can an English teacher earn in Vietnam?

A person working as an English Teacher in Vietnam typically earns around 13,000,000 VND per month. Salaries range from 6,740,000 VND (lowest) to 19,800,000 VND (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is Vietnam a good place to teach English?

It has an incredibly relaxed teaching environment allowing you to take time off for your travels, high salaries ($1200-$2000) and low cost of living making saving an absolute breeze. Many expats use teaching English in Vietnam is their base to travel through southeast Asia.

How much do English teachers get paid in Vietnam?

The Typical Salary for English Teachers in Vietnam The average salary for ESL teachers in Vietnam is around $1,200 USD per month for a first time teacher. Those with more experience and qualifications can expect to bring in up to $2,000 USD per month, depending on the employer.

How long is the TEFL internship in Vietnam?

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How to get an English teaching job in Vietnam?

It’s time to start your English teaching job in Vietnam at a private language school, private primary/high school, or a government school. Past interns have been placed in cities all over the map!

What is included in my Internship in Vietnam?

All organised by our trusted in-country partners, your internship includes your TEFL training, teaching in Vietnam course, an Internship Preparation Course, a teaching placement in a reputable school, accommodation, and full in-country support whilst you’re there.

How many hours of TEFL training do you offer?

Think 120 hours of online TEFL training, free accommodation, in-country support, an orientation, visa guidance and even some paid positions. Whether you’re wanting a paid TEFL internship or volunteer experience, we’ve been leading experts in teach and travel trips since 1994, so let us help you get started!