Is XXL magazine still published?

Is XXL magazine still published?

In 2014, Townsquare Media acquired XXL, King and Antenna from Harris Publications. On October 14, 2014, Townsquare announced it would continue print publication of XXL.

Who is the owner of XXL?

He is the founder and CEO of Rap Radar. In the past, he has worked as editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine….Elliott Wilson (journalist)

Elliott Wilson
Years active 1992-present
Known for Rap Radar, XXL, Respect.
Spouse(s) Danyel Smith ​ ( m. 2005)​

How long has XXL magazine been around?

After launching with artists like Plies and Boosie BadAzz in 2007, XXL has kept the tradition going for more than a decade, ushering in some of hip-hop’s most dynamic and iconic artists over the course of 14 magazine covers.

How do I get an article in XXL magazine?

  1. If you’d like to write for XXL or Please see our Writers Guidelines.
  2. General Questions, Press and/or Fraud Alerts: Please email:
  3. To Submit A New Artist For Consideration: Please email:
  4. To Report Site Issues: Please email:

What does XXL mean in the magazine?

XXL (pronounced /ˌdʌbəl ˌɛks ˈɛl/ “double-X-L”) is a Hip-Hop magazine, published by Harris Publications.

How old is Elliott Wilson?

51 years (January 14, 1971)Elliott Wilson / Age

Did Drake make XXL?

“Drake and I, we love XXL. We just shot for XXL. With all due respect, we felt like we kinda had graduated from the freshman class. We felt that XXL missed the mark when they didn’t put us on the cover prior to that.

How do I submit to pigeons and planes?

Send us your music to with the subject “PLAYLIST SUBMISSION” and include a link to the song on Spotify. We’ll be selecting favorites and constantly updating.

When was the first XXL Cypher?

Starting off with the first XXL Cypher that was ever made, 2011 was a mixed bag. Don’t get me wrong — there was quality found among the MCs in this roster with Mac Miller (RIP), YG, Yelawolf, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Big K.R.I.T., as they proved themselves with their verses, especially lyrically.

What size is a XXL?

Size Chart

Double Extra Large (XXL)
Chest: Inches 48-50
Centimetres 122-128
Waist: Inches 44-46
Centimetres 112-117

What does XXL mean in rap?

XXL. Extra Extra Long. XXL. Xiu Xiu and Larsen. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

Is Lil Baby in XXL?

The crown is for the taking and Lil Baby has walked away with it in the category of Male Rapper of the Year for the XXL Awards 2022. The Atlanta rapper beat out fellow nominees Drake, J.

How do you get featured on COC magazine?

How to get featured: All contact info for the Clash staff can be found here; general press inquiries can be sent to