Is VIP worth it for hard summer?

Is VIP worth it for hard summer?

If you’ve considered going VIP (or in this case, VIP+), HARD Summer is a great festival to splurge on and really get your money’s worth.

How much are hard summer tickets usually?

A three-day general admission pass starts at $229, with single-day tickets available for $89. The price for a three-day GA+ pass rises to $279 while VIP is $429; single-day tickets for the two tiers are $119 and $169, respectively.

Can I resell my hard summer ticket?

Can I sell my tickets? If you purchased a ticket and can no longer attend the festival, you can use the official ticket exchange to resell your tickets.

Is VIP worth it for Outside Lands?

The main perks of Outside Lands VIP passes are more personal space, private VIP areas, VIP entrance, and a special entrance into Outside Lands. The VIP passes offer a solid value and good array of perks. If you can afford it, the Outside Lands VIP passes are worth it.

What should I bring to hard summer?

Acceptable Items

  • YES Cell phones and portable chargers/external batteries.
  • YES Deodorant (must be sealed upon entry)
  • YES Earplugs.
  • YES Fanny packs.
  • YES Festival totems or decorated pool noodles—height 5 ft.
  • YES Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company-branded and no hard flagpoles)

Is Hard Summer cashless?

NO Cash: HARD Summer is a cashless event. Credit, debit, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay will be accepted.

Who owns Hard Summer?

1. HARD festival’s first show was in 2007. Founded by Gary Richards, better known as electronic music artist and producer Destructo, HARD’s first show was held on the cusp of the 2007-2008 new year at a downtown L.A. venue.

What does Tier 3 tickets mean?

For example, if you want to visit on a Tuesday in May, you’ll be able to save some money and buy a lower-tiered ticket than if you’re looking at a Saturday in June. I see that you’re interested in visiting on June 23rd, and you’re exactly right. A Tier 3 Ticket will be valid for that day!

What is VIP at Outside Lands?

Access to a VIP courtyard lounge near the Lands End stage, featuring exclusive food vendors, premium bars, upgraded restrooms and more. A commemorative festival poster. Access to exclusive merch for purchase. Access to VIP lockers for rent.

How much is Golden Gate Club outside lands?

If you are up for an exclusive and luxury experience at Outside Lands, Golden Gate Club tickets are the priciest and they will cost you $4699 plus fees.

How strict is HARD Summer Security?

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to submit to a thorough, TSA-style search, including emptying your pockets and bags, having all of your items examined, a full pat-down, and possibly removing your shoes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

What is a Tier 5 Disney ticket?

Tier 1: $104 adult, $98 child. Tier 2: $119 adult, $113 child. Tier 3: $134 adult, $127 child. Tier 4: $149 adult, $141 child. Tier 5: $159 adult, $150 child.