Is Ursula from Mad About You?

Is Ursula from Mad About You?

Ursula Pamela Buffay is a fictional character appearing on the two sitcoms Mad About You and Friends. She is portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, who also portrayed her identical twin sister and one of the six main characters on Friends, Phoebe.

Why Ursula is in Mad About You?

Ursula Buffay gave a nod to ‘Friends’ in an episode of ‘Mad About You’ NBC was pretty dedicated to ensuring that fans knew Friends and Mad About You existed in the same TV universe. Not only did Ursula appear on Friends multiple times, but Jamie Buchman and Fran Devanow appeared briefly in Friends, too.

Is Friends a spin off of Mad About You?

It began in Mad About You’s third season, and Friends’ first — originally part of a programming stunt that saw various NBC characters making crossovers into each other’s shows… and also a way to poke fun at the fact that Lisa Kudrow now had roles on two different shows in NBC’s Thursday-night lineup.

How long did Lisa Kudrow play Ursula Mad About You?


Year Title Notes
1993–1999 Mad About You 24 episodes
1993–1994 Coach 2 episodes
1994–2004 Friends Main role, 236 episodes
1995–2001 Recurring role, 8 episodes

Is Ursula in the Mad About You reboot?

According to TV Line, there are no plans to incorporate Ursula into the reboot, and given that the 12 new episodes are dropping in two batches on November 20 and December 18 respectively, that’s unlikely to change, unfortunately.

Is Ursula and Phoebe the same person?

Phoebe’s crass, identical twin sister, Ursula Buffay (also portrayed by Kudrow), a character originally created for and appearing in the American sitcom Mad About You as a waitress, is also introduced in the first season, in “The One with Two Parts”.

Is Ross and Russ the same person?

Friends once had a Ross doppelganger named Russ, who according to the credits was played by Snaro, when it was actually David Schwimmer. Although only one of the main characters in Friends has a twin, Rachel once dated a guy named Russ, who could have been Ross’s twin.

Is Phoebe really a twin in real life?

Phoebe has a twin sister, Ursula, a waitress who is also portrayed by Kudrow. Phoebe can speak several languages, including French and Italian. She appeared in all of the show’s 236 episodes. She is a masseuse and musician, notable for her offbeat and extremely ditzy behavior….

Phoebe Buffay
Nationality American

How many episodes was Ursula in Mad About You?

After making her debut on the show starring Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt in 1992, she ended up on 23 more episodes playing a ditzy waitress named Ursula Buffay from 1993 to 1999.

Did Phoebe ever appear on Mad About You?

Unlike most Seinfeld clones though, Friends managed to establish an identity of its own and become a success in its own right. At the time it started, one of its stars, Lisa Kudrow who played Phoebe Buffay, was also appearing in a recurring role on the sitcom Mad About You as Ursula.

Is Russ and Ross the same person in Friends?

What does Ross mean when he says Unagi?

According to Ross, Unagi is a state of total awareness, and only by achieving true Unagi, you can be prepared for any danger that may befall you. However, Phoebe, Rachel, and Chandler told him that Unagi is a type of sushi, and specifically a roll made by a freshwater eel.

What happened to Ursula on Mad About You?

Her character was more fully developed in Friends “as something of an antagonist or evil twin”. On the last episode of Mad About You, it was revealed that Ursula would become the Governor of New York in the future.

What do you think about Ursula?

Ursula is usually regarded for her incompetence when it comes to doing her job, due to being almost completely oblivious to what’s happening around her. However, this mostly stems from her apathetic attitude towards other people and their needs, and holds little to no value in anything besides her own well-being.

What is Ursula’s middle name in the one where they all turn thirty?

In ” The One Where They All Turn Thirty “, Phoebe takes her pink hippity hop to Ursula to wish her a happy 30th birthday and patch things up with her. However, Ursula informs Phoebe that they are actually 31. In showing Phoebe her birth certificate, it is revealed that Ursula’s middle name is Pamela.

Who is Ursula on’the Goldbergs’?

She is portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, who also portrayed her identical twin sister and one of the six main characters on Friends, Phoebe . Ursula originally appeared as a ditzy waitress on Mad About You, working at Paul and Jamie’s favorite New York City restaurant, Riff’s.